Two lost brindle pit bulls/boxers

just out walking the mutt and encountered two roaming, untagged pit bulls at 27th and Pike.  knowing their rep, i ducked into a fence, but they were pretty nice ok.

i shooed them away and they kept roaming and have encountered a bunch of folks and been very nice.

two males, no tags, not clipped, brindles.  one looks 1/2 boxer 1/2 pitt.  very good looking dog.

Shots fired at 26th and Union last night

anybody else hear them?  I know some folks did b/c when i called the cops they said a bunch of folks had called in.

this felt like it was right in front of my house.  i had the bball game on and heard it pretty clearly through the loud roar for lebron.

April 18th Street Clean and BBQ: Make a difference with your neighbors!

As noted in the events section, the Central District Neighborhood Association is sponsoring a streen clean and BBQ this Sat, April 18th. 

We’re planning to start the festivities at 10am at 21st and Union (in front of Katy’s) and head east along Union to MLK.  Time permitting we will march on over to Cherry and help make Cherry gets some love as well.   Folks from Cappy’s Boxing are coming over and making a training session of it.  WHAT TO BRING: Gloves, garbage grabbers, your desire for a clean streetscape.  The City will provide plastic bags.

At 12pm, we’ll move to the Casey Family Programs parking lot at 23rd and Union and have a BBQ.  The CDNA will provide the hamburgers and hot dogs, but we ask that participants consider bringing a side dish (salad, casserole, etc).  Drinks will be provided as well.  WHAT TO BRING: Your appetite, a side dish, a smile.  NOTE: If you plan to participate and have a table or two, please contact [email protected].  We need tables for this event!

We know Sat is shaping up to be a busy day, but hope you’ll make time to give back to your community and make it prettier than it was the day before (or just join us for a hot dog!).

SPD “Drop In” Center

Yesterday, while walking west on Union at 23rd Ave, I noticed a police officer pull away from the drop in center.  As he pulled away, I noticed somebody had tagged the drop in center door with “DIX”.

Through my chuckle, I just shook my head and marveled at the finger thumbing directed at the police.  I know the goals of the drop in center were modest, but I just don’t see it’s value at this point.  The police don’t really use it, the precinct heads can’t tell you if it’s been used or if it is used to any imact, and the community thinks it is laughable.

Central District Neighborhood Association Meeting.!3{2}2-24-09 7pm

On Tuesday Feb 24 at 7pm, the revitalized CDNA will be hosting our monthly meeting at the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd at 2116 E. Union St.  As always, the entire community is encouraged to attend.

This meeting is especially important as we will be reviewing proposed bylaws and nominating candidates for the posts of President, Vice President, and Secretary of the CDNA.  We will not vote on the bylaws and nominated candidates at this meeting, but we encourage you to come and nominate a candidate for one of the aforementioned offices.  In addition, we will discuss possible community events, such as a spring BBQ, and other issues impacting our community. 

The CDNA will advocate for the residents of the Central District and the issues impacting them.  The CDNA shall also provide a forum for discussion of common neighborhood issues, working with other neighborhood groups and associations in doing so.