Med Mix hopes to relocate within the Central District

We just received the following press release from Med Mix’s owner, Otmane Bezzaz, and wanted to relay his message to our readers in full:

Med Mix II, Corporation announced today it will not be reopening the Med Mix at 23rd and Union in the aftermath of the arson fire last August.  The Company hopes to bring its unique mix of fresh Mediterranean food and American classics back to the CD soon, either at a new location or through delivery service from its restaurants in Pioneer Square.

“This was a very hard decision,” said Otmane Bezzaz, the owner of Med Mix II.  “From the first day we opened at 23rd and Union the residents overwhelmed us with patronage, kindness and support.  After the fire, the entire community was so very supportive.  We are very grateful for that.”

Med Mix II made the decision earlier this week after resolving matters with its Landlord.  “We would have loved to stay,” said Bezzaz.  “But the damage from the fire was more extensive than initially thought.  Ultimately we could not justify the time and expense to reopen in light of the demands of our family and our other two restaurants.”

Bezzaz opened the original Med Mix over 15 years ago next to the J&M Café on First Avenue.  Last June, just two months before the arson, he opened a third Med Mix on Occidental Avenue one block north of Occidental Park.  Med Mix planned to use the larger food preparation and storage area at the Occidental location as a commissary for the smaller facility at 23rd and Union.  “The CD was so good to us we needed more preparation space to meet the demand.”

Med Mix II opened in April 2012 and was immediately embraced by the Central District community.  The extensive damage from the arson-fire closed the restaurant down on August 12, 2013, less than a year and a half after it opened.  It has been closed for over five months.  The fire department’s investigation of the arson is still open.

With the fate of Med Mix II resolved, Bezzaz is now focused on other ways to keep Med Mix in the Central District.  The extra space at Occidental might become the base for a Med Mix home delivery service or a Med Mix food truck located in the CD.  Bezzaz is determined to find a way. “I moved into the building at 23rd and Union because it was my dream to have a restaurant in the neighborhood where I live. The arsonist did not kill my dream.  If I made it work once I can make it work again.”

MedMix welcomes any suggestions or information Central District News readers may have about potential locations for a new Med Mix in or near the CD.

For further information contact:

Otmane Bezzaz at [email protected]; or

Nancy A. Pacharzina

Pacharzina Law, PLLC at 206-652-3530 or [email protected]

12 thoughts on “Med Mix hopes to relocate within the Central District

  1. How happy the anti-gentrification (I say that tongue-in-cheek) folks must be. Because of course the majority of the neighborhood resident were cheering in the streets after this happened. I can’t wait for this corner to become (remain) a blighted cesspool.

    Congratulations, everyone who thought this arson was a good thing. We’re back to having nothing at all thriving at that corner except an overpriced gas station and convenience store. You can’t have too many of those in the slums, can you?

    • What do you expect Matt, it is containment zone and any nice real development or retail is either discouraged, of eliminated. The CD is the low income and crime containment plantation that social service agencies thrive on. There seems to be open retail spaces on south Jackson in the large new apartment building near 18th.

      • Matt- Who are you talking about? Who thought the Med Mix owner was contributing to gentrification? Wow, That seems way off the mark.
        And Eyes- (I don’t usually respond to folks like you) The changes to this neighborhood have come about in the recent past. We’ve always lived within a rich, diverse, urban environment with ups and downs, like anywhere and everywhere in this country. Who’s become “contained”? There are plenty of new establishments that are thriving…Are they not letting you out of your home, and you are the one contained?

  2. I sure hope they find another home in the CD. Delivery from downtown is a non-starter (as far as I’m concerned, anyway).

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