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Shots fired at 26th and Union last night

anybody else hear them?  I know some folks did b/c when i called the cops they said a bunch of folks had called in.

this felt like it was right in front of my house.  i had the bball game on and heard it pretty clearly through the loud roar for lebron.

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  1. I heard them, and was also one of the people to call. After the first 4 rounds, I dropped to the ground, not willing to risk a stray bullet. It did sound like it was just one or two houses down, and apparently one of the suspects had jumped my fence to go through the back alley. I hope they caught them. I’m going to search online now.

  2. where do you live? not an address, but general area?

    as i recall, it was 4 shots, followed by 3 more. jesus. dudes dropping shells while on foot. great

    my anger from last night has turned to resignation. in 3 years it’s gotten worse, not better. but we just keep doing the same things

  3. This is driving me crazy! After this, we had the stabbing and attempted break in right behind my triplex tonight. I am seriously getting terrified of living here. When I moved in almost 2 years ago, it was GREAT! What is happening?