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Belltown Drug Sweep

In a community with a major narcotics trafficking problem, what do folks think of this sweep?  Think we deserve this kind of attention?  Think it would be ineffective?  Curious as to why this doesn’t happen since we’ve had 2-3 open air drug markets in the neighborhood over the last, oh, 10 years?


0 thoughts on “Belltown Drug Sweep

  1. This weekend on the news they said that police moved forward with a crack down after they noticed the regular dealers had been displaced. So, the regular dealers were not worthy of a full scale sweep?
    Do we need some new faces in the CD dealing to warrant this kind of attention? Have the regulars promoted complacency due to the ineffectiveness of the justice system? The same people in and out, week after week, month after month, year after year.

  2. Is a sweep more effective than constant pressure? What happens after the sweep is over? Do the police not have the resources to police constantly so they sweep and then go somewhere else. IMO constant pressure on all fronts by both the police and the neighbors would be the most effective. More treatment for addicts would help too.