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Lunch Today: Sun & Skillet

It’s a gloriously sunny Monday, and Mondays happen to be the day when Skillet sets up shop in the neighborhood at 13th & Marion.  (for marketing reasons they describe that as “Capitol Hill”, but we all know that 13th & Marion is actually squarely in the CD). Our friends in West Seattle are all abuzz about getting their own Skillet day soon, while we’ve had ours for almost a year. 

So take some time off to enjoy a walk over there and then dine al fresca on a tasty burger, a panini, thom kha soup, or poutine.

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  1. :-) SO when I rented the apartment in “East Capitol Hill” it appears it was in the CD. *GRIN* (near E 23rd and Union)

  2. Have you tried the fontina poutine yet? I soooo wanna try it. I check out their website every Mon morning to see the menu for the week. They’re there every Monday (I wish more often though)

  3. If you are south of Union the real estate agents label you “South Capitol Hill”

  4. Maybe we can get the Felafel truck up here too. He has been having a hard time getting an approved spot and the Felafel are really good. When I lived in Phila. a lot of trucks would setup on the same street. It wasn’t nasty competition, everyone went there for lunch because that’s where all the trucks were.

  5. And bring along the Thai truck as well, we can have all sorts of food for all sorts or folks!!! The thai truck is pretty good…and the only movable thai i’ve ever seen.

  6. When we bought our house they called it “Madison Heights”…… (south of Madison near Safeway), which we thought was pretty hilariously pretentious sounding.

    Interestingly enough way back when, when the paper was doing the “Neighborhoods” special sections our street was included on the boundary maps for not only the CD and Capitol Hill, but Madison Valley too….

  7. The City calls that area Cherry Hill. Others call it Squire Park. Others call it Capitol Hill. Others call it South Capitol Hill. Others call it the CD. I’ve been living near there for years. I’m confused now. :)