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new hybrid buses on Union

anybody see the awesome looking new articulated hybrid buses running on “test” up and down Union?  cool to see a new bus. 

are they going to be used on the #2?

0 thoughts on “new hybrid buses on Union

  1. they were run on batteries.

    they are modern, clean, faster (handicap access will be faster b/c there are no stairs), and I just think they are cool. is that alright?

  2. battery issue is that my understanding is that these hybrids run on batteries for only a short distance and would not be using battery power for a majority of any route. For instance the hybrids in downtown tunnel are sometimes forced to switch to diesel in the tunnel and do not attempt to use the battery power for any other distance. I would love them if I was confident that they actually can run most or all of the #2 route or any other route on battery rather than diesel. If I am proven to be incorrect on this issue I apologize.

    New trolleys also have many updated features that would make them just as cool.