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Catfish Corner worker, patrons pepper sprayed by angry woman

The Seattle Police Department has released the full report on an odd event that we recorded on last Friday’s scanner, where a woman had reportedly entered Catfish Corner and sprayed patrons with mace.

According to the police report, the suspect arrived at the restaurant to speak to an employee about a man they both had dated in the past. Although the suspect offered to “release” the man to the employee, the employee made it clear she wasn’t interested in the man any more, upsetting the suspect. She expressed that frustration by grabbing a can of pepper spray and shooting it it at the back of the restaurant employee.

Some of the spray misted and filled the restaurant, causing coughing and irritated throats for the other employees and two patrons who were dining in the restaurant. Medical assistance was denied by everyone who was affected by the spray.

The suspect drove ran out and drove away southbound in a Turquoise van.

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  1. Am I reading this right? Two women were fighting over NOT dating a guy? Reminds me of a joke: A father hears his kids arguing and asks “What are you two fighting about?” One replies “We’re fighting over who loves you more, daddy.” The man is touched, and says “In that case, go on.” So the kids proceed to shout, “YOU love him more!”, “No, YOU love him more!”