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A truly disturbing video

I tend to believe this is not indicative of typical behavior by our friends in the Sheriff’s Dept, but this video is truly disturbing.  I’m pretty floored quite frankly.



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  1. More information regarding this incident can be found on the Seattle Times website dated Feb 12th: “Deputy charged with assault in teen’s arrest.” Note that this is reported as being a King County Sheriff and the incident occured in SeaTac.


    100% uncalled for aggression to a 15-year-old girl. Was she being lippy and bratty, and kicked off her shoe? Sure. Does that mean a huge man with a gun gets to slam her to the floor and beat her about the head? No way. I don’t care if we only know this much of the story. It’s enough to know that this deputy broke the law. We really need our law enforcement officials to be better role models if they want to keep our trust.