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Central District Neighborhood Association Meeting.!3{2}2-24-09 7pm

On Tuesday Feb 24 at 7pm, the revitalized CDNA will be hosting our monthly meeting at the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd at 2116 E. Union St.  As always, the entire community is encouraged to attend.

This meeting is especially important as we will be reviewing proposed bylaws and nominating candidates for the posts of President, Vice President, and Secretary of the CDNA.  We will not vote on the bylaws and nominated candidates at this meeting, but we encourage you to come and nominate a candidate for one of the aforementioned offices.  In addition, we will discuss possible community events, such as a spring BBQ, and other issues impacting our community. 

The CDNA will advocate for the residents of the Central District and the issues impacting them.  The CDNA shall also provide a forum for discussion of common neighborhood issues, working with other neighborhood groups and associations in doing so.

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  1. …but if I can’t, I’m really interested in getting together a group to do a spring cleaning of the beautiful parking strips the CNA put in a few years ago – the stretch on the south side between 21st and 22nd are particularly in need of some TLC (and trash bags)… anyone interested?

  2. I’ve got double meetings tonight, but hope to join a bit late. I’m really looking forward to being involved with the CDNA, thanks to all those picking up the pieces, putting it back together.

  3. i won’t be able to make the meeting tonight but i like katherine’s idea. i would love to be informed if such clean-up parties are organized and i would also volunteer to help with organizing some of them as well.

    many years back when i lived in Squire Park i participanted planting trees along the parking strips around the neighborhood; it was a great project. a neighbor also organized several block clean-ups which i also participated in. the street had a number of vacant lots with places where people would hide/hang out leaving trash behind. we didn’t do this at the time but clearing a path along the sidewalk around those vacant lots would help make the neighborhood look much better too.

  4. What I am hearing is a strong sentiment to do a clean up followed by a BBQ?!?

    One thing that would be really neat is a poll feature within threads so we can pick a date that works for the majority. Just a suggestion, Scott. I am sure you don’t have anything better to do.

  5. Sounds GREAT.

    I walk Union to the PO every day and it looks terrible. Some of the garbage is big enough it has broken down our plants. :(

    We can get the yellow garbage bags from the Dept of Neighborhoods (DON) and have them picked up by the City. I’ll take DON Ted Divina’s 411 to the meeting tonight.

    See you there. jt

  6. let’s get some details squared away tonight and then post the info here and on the neighborhood listservs. Could be a little neighborhood kick-off to the revitalized CDNA.

  7. Tuesdays are horrible for me so I can’t make it either. I guess I’ll have to participate when I can. The last trash-a-thon was great. I’d love to do that again. We’re out of town a lot on the weekend so hope I make that one too.

    Is it too far off topic to ask people to also try to keep graffiti off properties as much as possible? I keep having to clean the crap off the newspaper and Stranger/Weekly bins on Union so it doesn’t spread (almost daily-fresh additions last night). It’s great having the papers there but I’d rather get rid of all of them if it means they’re nothing but tag-targets (especially the yellow one that’s been emty for at least half a year and gets hit regularly).

    I spent hours cleaning the public phone next to the gas station realizing it would probalby be all for not. I discovered that the only way to get paint off of some of them, especially the popular clear plastic is with a razor scraper which works very well. I’m getting a little tired of cleaning other people’s property just to keep it off my own; I guess it’s the price I pay for living in such a great place. Honestly I think the real issue is the lovely seating during the day turns into a 24 hour park/hang out; especially in the summer. Some of the visitors seem to have the need to sign the guest book if others have previously. Just a thought/rant for the day.

  8. We should just adopt a street officially as a group and do it 4 times a year. Then we get a nift sign to put up permanently and the city supplies the grabbers, brooms etc. In fact I can probably get my office to adopt the next portion of the street and BINGO we are livin clean!

  9. Does anyone have any information or ideas about cleaning up large items? I live on 25th, between Jackson and Washington, and it seems to be a regular dumping ground for unwanted furniture and electronics (in addition to all the regular food wrappers and other trash!) Looks awful. I’d be willing to help clean up, and haul away large items, but I don’t have a large enough vehicle. And I know there’s a fee to dump at City of Seattle stations, correct?
    I appreciate the idea of regularly-scheduled neighborhood clean-up efforts! I know many people would be on board to help with that.

  10. Colman Neighbors Association boundaries:

    Jackson to Massachusets; 23d to MLK. But as you can tell from the original post, we’re interested in cross-n’hood cooperation/projects, etc.

    Ooops, I commented to the wrong post. sorry.