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Reader Report: Valentine’s Day Attack on Yesler

We got this report today from M.P., describing an assault she suffered on Valentines Day:

I was walking east on the south side of Yesler just east of 26th between 12:30pm and 1:00pm on Feb 14 when a young man walked towards me.  He spoke briefly to me in an angry manner.  I backed away from him but it was obvious he was not just going to walk by.  I crossed Yesler to the north side.  He followed me and began punching me in the back of the head.  I fell on the parking strip.  He continued to swing at me.  A couple of pedestrians frightened him off and he ran south on 26th. 
One of the pedestrians called 911.  The fire dept and police responded to the call.  I was not seriously hurt but have a couple of bumps on my head and a bruise around my eye.
I was not able to identify the young man from police photos.
I want the neighborhood to know that there was an unprovoked, random attack on a 60 year old woman in the middle of the day on a Saturday on Yesler  three blocks east of the Douglas Truth Library. 

She describes the suspect as a light-skinned black male in his teens, about 5’6″ or 5’7″, and wearing a black jacket, long white shorts, and a knit hat.  If you saw the attack or possibly noticed someone matching that description on that day, leave a message below and we’ll connect you with the SPD case file on this.


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