Constantly barking dog at 27th and E. Spring

The dog at 947 27th ave. has been barking non stop for the past few months.  Every once in a while I’ll hear someone yell at it to shut up which of course does not work.  I cannot see the dog – only hear it.  I have no idea if it’s being abused but it’s definitely not getting enough attention.  Any suggestions on what actions should be taken?   Given the fact that police are not allowed to respond to this house without backup, I will not be knocking on their door.  I feel sorry for the dog and also for my ears.  I realize this isn’t an emergency but it is driving me insane.

Break In at 26th and E Spring

My neighbor’s house on the 900 block of 26th ave was broken into today.  They hit while she was at the grocery store.  Flat screen TV, camera and computer stolen.  Thieves were likely on foot and entered through they alley to the back of the house.  Keep an eye on things.  School’s out for summer…


Today the police arrested a man on my neighbor’s porch at E. Spring and 26th. who had robbed a nearby home.  Apparently he had a gun and threatened the residents.  Does anyone have any more details?  It sounds like a very scary situation and I hope everyone is OK.