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Constantly barking dog at 27th and E. Spring

The dog at 947 27th ave. has been barking non stop for the past few months.  Every once in a while I’ll hear someone yell at it to shut up which of course does not work.  I cannot see the dog – only hear it.  I have no idea if it’s being abused but it’s definitely not getting enough attention.  Any suggestions on what actions should be taken?   Given the fact that police are not allowed to respond to this house without backup, I will not be knocking on their door.  I feel sorry for the dog and also for my ears.  I realize this isn’t an emergency but it is driving me insane.

13 thoughts on “Constantly barking dog at 27th and E. Spring

  1. I’ve suffered through this too. Apparently it takes a very long time to get any resolution to an animal issue. And the animal control will release your name to the owner as well, which is pretty ridiculous. On a recommendation from the Animal Control website, you can keep a log of all the times the dog(s) are out there barking/crying so you can have a good idea of the overall frequency of it. Other than that I’m not sure what can be done. Seems like the eternal “neighbor with a barking dog” dilemma.

  2. Maybe some Oxycodone in some hamburger tossed over the fence will calm them. It is a little harder to get for the next few days though, until the new crew get settled in on union st.

  3. Just don’t understand why neighbors in this community can’t behave with respect.

    Last wendesday, just before 10am, some lady backed out from in front of my BMW, and ran into my car, I called after her…she just drove away. Did this in front of Broadcast Caffee where a whole shop full of people were watching… Got her license plate and everything…watch-out for green subaru’s! Lic # AHJ0083. She is lucky she didn’t cause any damage…or I would have called the cops.

    Some people around here have no common sense or decency.

  4. It’s not very respectful or decent to post license plate numbers the way that you did. You either call the cops or you don’t. What’s the point of posting someone’s license plate number here? Regular CDN readers already know to look out for the green Subaru lady driver. lol.

    It does seem a little drastic to say “neighbors in this community can’t behave with respect”. After all, barking dogs and hit and runs are not neighborhood specific or indicative or a general trend in this here neighborhood.

    Hope you feel better after venting about your bmw.

  5. I had nearly the same thing happen on Cap Hill. You have witnesses. Call the cops and if your insurance company is any good they will pay for the repairs and not increase your rates.

  6. Not even funny 1er. Killing a dog because the owners are dirt bags is a horrible thing to do.

    Dogs deserve better than to be poisoned by caloused jerks. Steal the dog and take care of it if it is truly abused.

  7. @ktkeller: Thanks. Will probably do exactly that.

    @BB: I understand why you would think that I was trying to brag about my car. I wasn’t. It was just a detail of the event.

    @AP: I thought about not including the license number, but there are a lot of green subaru’s and I didn’t want people giving undeserving people THE LOOK. I was basically trying to give the neighborhood a “heads-up”, and as an example of what I have experienced – it is fair to use this as an example of a lack of community respect.

    Incidently, since originally posting, I have found her car parked regularly within two blocks of Broadcast Coffee…so she is definately a regular in the area.

  8. Even if you are a ratface bragart. We thank you for the heads up and good details. Wish the pigs would give that kind of detail. Then we can properly judge both the victims and the criminals. What’s the point of having good judgement if you never use it.