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Break In at 26th and E Spring

My neighbor’s house on the 900 block of 26th ave was broken into today.  They hit while she was at the grocery store.  Flat screen TV, camera and computer stolen.  Thieves were likely on foot and entered through they alley to the back of the house.  Keep an eye on things.  School’s out for summer…

3 thoughts on “Break In at 26th and E Spring

  1. As we ratchet down on drug dealing, prostitution, and auto theft some criminals will shift to more burglary and theft. It takes alot of burglaries to equal a day of selling dope or crack. And yes, school is out. Youth are prone to experiment with theivery. Hopefully they get caught be a generous owner.

  2. Yes, how dare we take away the few avenues to success that dealing drugs, pimpin’ and street robbery offer to the youth of today.

  3. I hope the neighbor reported it to SPD. Even if you don’t get the stuff back, the only way to get more focus on the neighborhood is to call it in…