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Shooting at 948 27th Ave

Woken up by about 10 gunshots at 4:45am.  It appears that someone was shot… an ambulance was sent.  Not good…

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  1. Yeah, the shots woke me and my wife up. Just sunup, around 4:50am by my recollection. The thing that was different this time was the frequency of the shots. It was a very very quick pop pop pop. Not the normal (yeah, its normal now for us) pop…pop…pop. Almost sounded like an small automatic handgun.

    I was beginning to wonder, its been almost a full two weeks since the last time we heard gunshots. Was beginning to feel that the CD was losing its charm and character.

  2. I heard them as well. very quick succession. I only heard 5-6 shots though. I’m starting to wonder how many incidents have to happen at the same location before something can be done about it.

  3. definately 10 shots. seemed as if no one was hurt. I heard no crying etc. thank god. I think the fire truck etc was called but not needed. cops came and left about 30 min later after looking for casings… I didn’t see them find any but I went back to bed. I just don’t get why the “threats” but no damage. rival gang members could piss each other off real quick by shooting up each others expensive cars-which should be easy to hit. ofcourse I’m glad no damage. so their just shooting up in the air? I don’t know. scary. there are mothers and children in those houses too. sucks. some of those troubled kids are also quite sweet one on one. it’s a stupid game their playing.

  4. We need to teach these low-life scum the meaning of civilization. They need to submit to our lord and savior Jesus Christ, they need to obey the laws set forth by our God-fearing men of greatness, and all of us need to take our responsibility for a “well regulated militia” seriously in order to keep order and close our borders to foreign invasion.

    We can’t rely on these bleeding heart liberals (traitors) to keep us safe! Save our community! Save our people! Save our country!

  5. Which house are we talking about? The one on the corner that has a bunch of garbage and stuff in the yard and in the street?

  6. Yes, this is America, and most of us are extreamly pleased to live here! Still, it is not unusual for any society to have what is generally recognized as a criminal element. As to Seattle’s Central District criminal element, I am not certain we can generalize as to the causes or the solutions, but I would bet screaming about fire and brimestone has little effect on curring these evils. If there are vulnerable children living in an unsafe condition, do the right thing, at least attempt to get assistance for them by calling your concerns to Child Protective Services, and keep calling until YOU make a difference.

  7. On the southeast side of the traffic roundabout, is the tired looking white bungalow with car parking in the yard. The city actually fixed this place up once for the elderly owners, who apparently have run foster care in the past. Many stories associated with this house. Most of the banger hangers-on think of Roman as their leader. His juvie sheet is extensive, having dropped out of school early to concentrate on his career. At one point these youngsters had 75 B & E charges, mostly just went through the swinging doors of juvie and back on the street. Then they went from stealing laptops to stealing cars and now they have guns. Some of them are reaching maturity and may spend longer periods away with the adult population as time goes on. The taller grey house directly across also has been the scene of a lot of trouble.

    At one time, Roman and crew were the chief subjects of the weekly East Side Precinct neighborhood meetings at the Vocational Institute.

  8. And the house and its occupants were frequent items on the late and much lamented daily scanner on this web site.

  9. I heard 4 shots around 4:50 a.m. I too wonder how much more needs to happen at this corner before anything is done. I sure can generalize as to the causes: Drug dealing, laziness, fighting over drug territory, not wanting to be a productive member of society, etc. The list is endless…

  10. Someone was actually shot in this incident. The police said that it was a non-life threatening leg wound. I’m not sure who was shot but I haven’t seen a few of the usual guys from the corner since then…