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Shooting on 25th and Cherry

I heard at least 6 gunshots around noon today and now 25th and Cherry is blocked off.  Anyone know what happened?  I hope everyone is OK! 

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  1. Scott sent us this photos and said it looks like a minor kitchen fire. We will update when we learn more.

  2. That doesn’t look like the location of the shooting. Also, the police were pretty busy picking up shell casings. I was 1/2 a block away and the shots were very loud.

  3. I believe there were 2 separate incidents; the fire engines came by shortly after the gunshots were fired, but to a different location. I talked to an officer at the shooting location. He said there was some minor property damage to a parked car.

  4. Thanks for the info. Do you know what intersection that was? That way I can track down more info.

  5. Wouldn’t that be 25th and Columbia? (25th and Cherry is the south side of the Islamic School/ Nova/ tennis courts).

  6. Sorry. I should have been more clear. It was the whole block of 25th between Columbia and Cherry that was blocked off.