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More shooting

4 shots heard near 26th and E Spring.  Does anyone know what is going on? 

22 thoughts on “More shooting

  1. Yup, heard it too. Called it in, then everything got really quiet on “the corner”.

  2. SPD responded to a reported drive by shooting without injuries in the 2600 block of E Columbia overnight. These dispatch reports often have times corresponding to when they were entered in the system — not when event occurred — so not sure if this is what you heard. We’ll see if we can learn more from SPD.

  3. Where is the Reverend (__________). Where is the 6 weeks of unrest and anger? Where is the national media frenzy? Oh, I know, the victim was (________). So this is just the normal course of events.

    As predicted. 3 days have passed and we are done with the anger. We are not going to do anything about it. We don’t care.

  4. your comments are some of the ‘same old same old’. cynicism and sarcasm are worn and tired, especially around topics like this one. what are you doing about it? what are you doing to care? what are some suggestions for your family, friends and neighbors to do?

  5. I’m trying to piss people off. These sissies are going to mope around for three days and then forget about it. The citizens of Seattle are brain dead. Doing nothing is what they do best.

    A little anger could go a long way. But, no, the shootings have actually escalated since Thursday. Madrona has gone back to bed. Probably nobody interesting will get shot for a few more years, so, let’s all just settle down and go to sleep. Let’s not offend anyone.

  6. I heard the shots at 12:12am according to my atomic costco clock.

    I’m on 32nd overlooking the valley. I couldn’t tell how far away they were or exactly in what direction so I did not call the police. I did hear sirens within 3-4 minutes.

    On the KOMO police scanner ( I heard there were about a dozen males congregating for some unknown reason, shots rang out, crowd dispersed, and a white cherokee was seen fleeing the area. There was also a yellow cab but it wasn’t clear how it was involved.

    It sounded like they had the cherokee pulled over and the driver admitted to having a gun in the vehicle.

  7. i get it. anger and energy are needed, and directed at the right place. and inspiration is needed too. the one hole with the thinki is that being ‘tough’ and ‘angry’ is going to solve things on their own. the ‘toughest’ cities (chicago, buffalo, philly, DC) have murder rates 5-10 times of seattle. no one is going to argue that those cities, their citizens, and their cops aren’t ‘tough’. so that is not just the whole answer.

    we have a shortterm problem this spring/summer – too many adults/kids with too many guns and grudges, and an apparent lack of policing/coverage/resources . And we have longterm issues with wealth distribution, poverty, education, lack of effective social services for the most atrisk people. and probably not the right penalties to keep repeat offenders off the streets.

    maybe someone on the council or the mayor will step up and help fix the shortterm issues if they get enough comments from us. in person at meetings or however. burgess? harrell? licata? i think those are the only ones who could get something moving at the govt level. maybe mcguin.

    will it take another tragedy or two to get their attention? pray it doesnt.

  8. Okay, folks, this is not funny. For time being, I’m calling 911 anytime I see more than three young males loitering on the street in the CD, my home for over 20 years. Something’s up.

  9. There was defiantly atleast one gun shot. Does someone need to bleed or die for confirmation. Come on now.

  10. Clearly heard 4 shots at just after midnight – seemed further away to me than 26th @ Columbia, but then my windows were closed.

    A cop car parked with spotlights on at E Marion @ 26th – two cops walking around looking for… something. But apparently didn’t find it.

  11. Just to keep you updated on things from my end of the neighborhood. There are organizing efforts happening to further strengthen and build community. There are long term goals that are being put in place and the necessary steps to facilitate these goals have been implemented and continue to move forward daily. My email box has been overrun with kind and compassionate neighbors who care about their community and want to do their best to honor and support their neighborhood. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas that you have that might help us to pull more of our community together. I’m not “going to sleep” and I’m not going to turn my back when things get easier.

  12. I am now selling kevlar turtle shells. This will be the ultimate middle ground. Buy my turtle shell and you will be impervious to bullets. Duck your head inside at the first hint of conflict. It is the ultimate Seattle solution. It keeps rain out, acts as a boat in case of flood. Police and CPLers can get the upgrade with room for weapons. Inside can be deocorated to offer the ultimate peace of mind. Buy one today.

  13. I hope you are trying to be funny. Please do not waste the police’s time or our tax money by calling the police every time you see more than 3 young men “loitering” (that whole loitering thing is rife with racial prejudice by the way). I like the idea of staying alert and think it’s good to call the police when it’s needed i.e. a crime is about to happen or just happened, but something is not up every time a group of young men hang out together. Get real.

  14. Wow! The just raised their shooter arest rate from 1% to 2.1% Great job SPD. Doubled your results!

  15. I’m really disappointed that you were kidding. I thought you had my bike-to-work dilemma solved.

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