Update on “Douglass-Trust” Library sign at Blanche Lavizzo Park

mkb wrote about this on July 30, with a picture.  Sorry I don’t know how to link to his/her post.

I mentioned this error to a Parks Dept employee who happened to be there at the Good Vibe concert last Saturday – he promised to pass the problem on up the line.

Today I also passed the info on to someone who mentors young people in the CD as a possible project for getting the city to fix something that is disrespectful to the community, as well as learning who Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth were (if they don’t already know).

If anyone notes any progress on correcting this sign, it would be good to let us know, as it’s not a place on my regular route through the area.

Update from two level blocks from the post office

I still have had no mail delivery this week. Apparently today for the first time there was a delivery to the other side of my block, but not to this side. So I’ll walk to the P.O. tomorrow – again. Yes, my walk and steps are shoveled all the way up to my house.

No newspaper deliveries since Tuesday Wednesday.

And according to the Metro site five minutes ago, still no buses between here and downtown.

I saw one cab today, but as of yesterday they were refusing to come up here from downtown (if you could even get through to them on the phone).

The only time the governments seem to know this neighborhood exists is when the bullets are flying!

Update on mail nondelivery for two days

No mail was delivered yesterday to the route I live on. Apparently there were no carriers available to do it.

Today, with no delivery by mid-afternoon, someone delivering a USPS package to a neighbor said there would be no mail again today – just packages.

I called the PO to ask if I could come and pick up my mail. No, I was told, because the carrier has it and is on his way to deliver it. Of course it never came, so shortly before six I made an appointment with the PO for me to pick it up.

This is the route on the north side of Union, up to E. Pine St. I guess we’re on our own even more than usual.

“Water Job Minor”

12/21/2008 8:50:26 PM F080117317 L10 1400 23rd Av Water Job Minor

What’s a “water job minor”? This was at 23rd and Union, but there were many listed on the incident report tonight, and they all involved a ladder truck.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Sometime in the last 2-3 days someone posted detailed info on this subject, with suggestions about getting a detector at Lowe’s. I read it quickly, intending to go back to it – and now I can’t find it! Can anyone direct me to it?

City Crime Statistics

We keep seeing statistics from the SPD and other city entities (mayor, council members, etc.) showing that fatal shootings have decreased over the years.
I just had a chat with a police officer who happened to be in the neighborhood, and I asked him if the wounded boy in the recent Garfield shooting had survived, because he had been described as having life-threatening injuries. The officer said the boy is recovering because of the amazingly good care he got at Harborview. This of course is good news, but….it reminds me of something that was on my mind anyway:

Current statistics are not directly comparable with the ones from two decades ago because of the huge advances in medical care since then. Just like in war wounds, crime victims are surviving injuries now that they would not have survived in 1988. A better comparison would in total shootings, not fatal ones.

The SPD officer agreed with me and advised me (us) to keep speaking up about this, and other thoughts that we have, so we will eventually be heard.

Music at 23rd and Union

How great it was to hear music yesterday at our intersection! I did not have time to stop and see what was going on – there was a carwash, but it looked like some other activity also – but it gladdened my heart to hear and see the positive vibes coming from the plaza. Let’s have more!