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Carbon monoxide poisoning

Sometime in the last 2-3 days someone posted detailed info on this subject, with suggestions about getting a detector at Lowe’s. I read it quickly, intending to go back to it – and now I can’t find it! Can anyone direct me to it?

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    explains about it.

    I got there by following links in comments in:

    I also recall seeing it, but it might have been a Pi article or Mad Miller article or Seattle emergency preparedness…..there are so many links.. shows a bunch when searching for carbon monoxide

    One thing that makes me nervous is info that says to turn off gas stoves? That is how I heat my house.

  2. Thanks so much! I’ll follow these links, and they’ll be helpful even if they aren’t the original one. You’re right – it could also have come from one of the others – it’s the sort of thing Andrew shares with us from time to time.

    ‘Twas good to see you again the other day!

  3. It’s always nice to see you, too. Hopefully, there will be more coming together in the New Year.