Comments on CDN stories

Is it necessary to include comments to CHS stories on the CDN comment listing?  Some people may like them – perhaps we need a conversation – but since there are only five shown at a time, adding the CHS comments reduces the number of CDN comments visible and makes it more difficult, for me, at least, to keep up with the current ones.  Anyone else have thoughts on this?

Found – green iguana at 19th and E. Marion

In following up with Animal Control about the dog lost from my block, I learned that they are holding a green iguana that was found at 19th and E. Marion a day or two ago.  If it’s yours, call them at 386-7387 – the shelter is located at 2061 15th Ave. W.

UPDATE: It looks like this is probably the same iguana from this Reddit post (thanks for the tip @cloudy_grey):

was just biking home from the grocery store and thought I saw a lizard tail. Turned around and found this guy in a shoe box by the road:

He/She’s at 19th Ave and E Marion St.

I have no idea what it is or what to do with it. I’m guessing some assholes decided they no longer wanted a pet. Anyways, it’s probably still there. We just passed by it on August 18 at 6:15 PM.

Lost dog – near 24th and E. Pike – FOUND!

Missing since late last night from yard of home on 15XX block of 24th Avenue:


Elderly black and tan Rottweiler/lab mix named Ava. No collar, but she is chipped. She’s about 65#, friendly, with shortened tail (about 8 inches?). If you have any information, please call (206) 265-9231.


Update October 21 – Ava has been found and is safely home! Many thanks to the finders, who located her owners through Amy and Sally (thanks to them also!).

WA license plates found in two CD locations

I have seen two license plates that apparently fell off cars and were retrieved and are displayed. They both appear to be front plates because they do not have tabs for year or month.

One is in the parking lot of the Bank of America at 13th and East Madison (A__6599).

The other is leaning against the curb on the west side of the 1500 block of 24th Avenue (A__0355).

I am not showing the full license plate numbers because I think it may not be appropriate to do so, for privacy reasons or whatever, but if yours is missing and includes the characters I have given, it’s probably worth checking out.

Late Sunday afternoon on Union

Anyone know what was going on very late yesterday afternoon in the area of Union and MLK?  There was an aid car or Medic One up at 32nd and Union with lights flashing.  There were patrol cars at Union and MLK with lights flashing.  There were police cars with lights flashing but not blocking traffic at many intersections on Union between MLK and 23rd and at least one on E. Spring.  I was told there were officers with guns drawn on MLK.

I miss the CDN Scanner!

Early morning fire at 23rd and E. Union

About 3:30 a.m. today there was a small fire outside the entrance to the SPD Drop-in Center at Midtown Commons. A large fire department response, but little apparent damage. The TV crew at the scene a few minutes ago didn’t know any more details. Perhaps we’ll learn more as the day goes on.

Full moon, solstice, and total eclipse

There’s a theory that there are more crimes committed, more accidents, more mental problems, etc., on the nights when there is a full moon.  One might logically assume that when the full moon coincides with the solstice and with a total eclipse of the moon, the incidence of unfortunate happenings would skyrocket (pun intended).

In noting the dispatch calls for fire, aid, and police, and the various local media news reports for the past 24 hours, I do not see an obvious increase in the number of responses.

Has anyone else thought about this or looked at any statistics?  Maybe the whole theory is just a myth, but my personal experience in the past has backed up the “it must be the full moon” argument.  I usually notice that cars are driving even crazier than usual, there are even more jaywalkers than usual, etc.

There has not been a such a confluence of lunar events for several centuries until last night, so I guess there’s no history to either support or refute such a theory.

Just wondering.

Madison Valley fireworks?

Sounded like a huge amount of fireworks, approximately 9:40-9:45 pm, maybe down in the Madison Valley.  Couldn’t see any flashes, but it was too sustained to be gunshots (I hope!).   Anybody know what was going on?  It was too early to be 10:10 pm on 1010/10.

UPDATE by jseattle: According to police radio, these were fireworks at the Seattle Tennis Club in Madison Park. The venue is frequently used for weddings and other exciting pyrotechnics.