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Madison Valley fireworks?

Sounded like a huge amount of fireworks, approximately 9:40-9:45 pm, maybe down in the Madison Valley.  Couldn’t see any flashes, but it was too sustained to be gunshots (I hope!).   Anybody know what was going on?  It was too early to be 10:10 pm on 1010/10.

UPDATE by jseattle: According to police radio, these were fireworks at the Seattle Tennis Club in Madison Park. The venue is frequently used for weddings and other exciting pyrotechnics.

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  1. We just heard them too near MLK and Yesler. Sounded like fireworks to us. Don’t know what was going on either. Except that someone apparently didn’t fire off their whole arsenal on July 4th this year. Maybe they just found their stash?

  2. So they were a little early for 10/10/10 10:10 pm….. but that could be cause for merriment! I saw colors and whatnot, so it wasn’t gunfire.

  3. Thought it was gunshots at first until I heard more “shots” than the OK Corral and St. Valentines Day combined. Looked out the back window — yup, fireworks. To me it looked like it was coming from the Bush School, I figured the kids were celebrating Columbus Day early (what kid doesn’t love Columbus Day?), but now they’re saying it was a Seattle Tennis Club 10/10/10 fest? Evidently my invite got lost in the mail.

  4. Good, I’m glad you posted about this. I saw them from all the way down in Columbia City from my balcony. They were so far away, I thought maybe it was a belated victory celebration by Arizona State.

  5. Yeah, it was a wedding at the Tennis Club. And they did have fireworks. I could hear it at Annex that night and was very confused.

    BUT, I have a friend who works there and confirmed.