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Late Sunday afternoon on Union

Anyone know what was going on very late yesterday afternoon in the area of Union and MLK?  There was an aid car or Medic One up at 32nd and Union with lights flashing.  There were patrol cars at Union and MLK with lights flashing.  There were police cars with lights flashing but not blocking traffic at many intersections on Union between MLK and 23rd and at least one on E. Spring.  I was told there were officers with guns drawn on MLK.

I miss the CDN Scanner!

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  1. To add to the mystery, around 5pm yesterday there were at least 10 police cars at MLK (actually Temple) and Cherry. Busy day for the SPD.

  2. Yup, we’re looking into that one. SPD public info wasn’t staffed on Monday so we should have some info to share on Tuesday if it turns out to be significant.

  3. Confirmed that there was a reported drive-by shooting with no injuries Sunday afternoon. We’ll have more on Tuesday.

  4. 1) The scanner never operated on Sundays :)
    2) Sustaining an hour by hour crime watch of the neighborhood is not financially feasible
    3) I’m more concerned about significant breaking news coverage on the crime and 911 front than the scanner. The scanner was an interesting hum of what was happening on the streets but, without context, it was also a lot of noise.

    But what the effort was spectacular for was keeping us on top of things when important incidents were happening. We monitor the scanner all the time but can no longer afford the near full-time effort of the old days. We can use your help with e-mails to [email protected] and calls/txts to (206) 399-5959 more than ever.

  5. This makes sense, and I understand. Maybe a brief story, repeated occsionally, summarizing the process for submitting tips would be helpful for those who don’t know about it. Some people may miss the info in the comment form given above, and the mention of it along the margin doesn’t call attention to itself. I’ve used it occasionally, but I don’t know how many others do.

  6. I understand the reasons the scanner logs are no longer posted, and that’s fine. I will tell you though, that while the scanner was active, I checked centraldistrictnews several times a day (minimum four, often more). Nowadays, I check the site 5-6 times a week.

  7. The only thing that I note is that on, some things are lost. It seems like the 911 calls are different from the scanner in what is recorded. Are just the calls by the public to 911?