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Update on mail nondelivery for two days

No mail was delivered yesterday to the route I live on. Apparently there were no carriers available to do it.

Today, with no delivery by mid-afternoon, someone delivering a USPS package to a neighbor said there would be no mail again today – just packages.

I called the PO to ask if I could come and pick up my mail. No, I was told, because the carrier has it and is on his way to deliver it. Of course it never came, so shortly before six I made an appointment with the PO for me to pick it up.

This is the route on the north side of Union, up to E. Pine St. I guess we’re on our own even more than usual.

0 thoughts on “Update on mail nondelivery for two days

  1. I would be p!$&@d too. Especially if you offered to do their job for them and pick up the mail yourself! I live in the CD & we are getting mail and packages every day S. of Yesler & West of 23rd.

  2. No mail here on 25th just north of Union for the past 2 days. I’ll call the PO tomorrow morning to see if I can pick it up. Thanks for the follow-up Carolyn!

  3. But then Toby is stellar and a real part of our neighborhood.

    He gets candy and homemade cookies from me this year. One of a very few Christmas presents I’m giving.

    Show your appreciation to your mail carrier, especially if they are delivering through this mess. No cash, no checks, value less than $20.

  4. We have not been getting any mail at the Cinema to the North of Union but we have been getting mail at the house South of Union. It seems the mail carrier on the North side is MIA. I grew suspicious when there wasn’t even any junk mail.

  5. I agree and we do give an annual little something (an Itunes gift card this year since she frequently listens to her ipod on her route) but that shouldn’t determine whether or not you receive your mail. I just hope that it isn’t something serious.

  6. Our carrier here is great – mail every day, always cheerful (even today, when I had a scheduled pick-up for 13 Christmas packages!). Sorry to hear that your route is less awesome :-(

  7. Gotcha it s a matter of concern and they probably do not have any extra people. I agree, they don’t do the work for our token gifts! And, I have had to be persistent with staff at the Post Office sometimes to be able to pick up a package. :-) kathryn

  8. Our mail carrier has had her chains break continuously and has been stuck on hills every day this week. Today she was delivering our mail at 6 pm. Nothing we’re receiving is so important that she should have to be at risk. Let’s cut folks some slack.