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Update from two level blocks from the post office

I still have had no mail delivery this week. Apparently today for the first time there was a delivery to the other side of my block, but not to this side. So I’ll walk to the P.O. tomorrow – again. Yes, my walk and steps are shoveled all the way up to my house.

No newspaper deliveries since Tuesday Wednesday.

And according to the Metro site five minutes ago, still no buses between here and downtown.

I saw one cab today, but as of yesterday they were refusing to come up here from downtown (if you could even get through to them on the phone).

The only time the governments seem to know this neighborhood exists is when the bullets are flying!

0 thoughts on “Update from two level blocks from the post office

  1. I live on MLK by G.O. and my newspaper guy missed one day only. The day after the day he missed he delivered both papers. Big fat holiday tip going to that guy. Mail, on the other hand, has been more miss than hit. Cabs though have been going by, not infrequently, all week. Must have been coming up Jackson.

  2. We live on Jefferson, near Providence, and have missed only one day in mail. We even got our Sunday Times last Sunday when I thought for sure it wouldn’t come. No buses, of course, although I saw the 948 the other day, which runs the same route as the 3 and 4. I think it’s limited service, though, to the hospitals or UW. I’ve seen taxis drive near here, as well.

    I do agree, however, that this neighborhood has been pretty neglected this last week or so.

  3. I am sorry to hear that others are having such difficulty. We have received our mail every day the Post Office is open and missed only last Sunday’s paper which was delivered with Monday’s paper. South of Union on 21st