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Buses Are Back (Mostly)

It’s been more than a week since we’ve seen most of the buses running through the neighborhood. The thaw and rain has improved things enough that most of them are back now, although some are operating on shortened routes.

Here’s the update according to Metro:


  • Routes 2, 3, 11, 14, and 48 are running normal routes through the neighborhood.
  • The #4 route is only running as far east as 21st & Jefferson.  It is not running south on 23rd to Judkins Park.
  • The #27 route is only running as far east as 23rd & Yesler.  It is not yet running east through Leschi.
  • Don’t put too much faith in any routes being on schedule.  Check out for actual service times.


Get out and enjoy the day!

0 thoughts on “Buses Are Back (Mostly)

  1. I noticed that this morning when I got up and refreshed the page. It’s so good to be connected to downtown again! I think they weren’t running the buses yesterday, even though they could, because they didn’t have any spare 40-foot coaches.

  2. The 27 still can’t make it down Lake Dell and East Alder; cars are coming down the hill but sticking to the big ruts made during the previous week. It would be dangerous for the bus. We are used to losing bus serivce in this weather and walk over to the 2 when it runs.

  3. I have been checking the Metro “tracker” on my computer all day and see no sign of a 27 anywhere on the route. I have written to their “suggestion” line suggesting at least a reduced schedule/route run.

  4. Well, just to show how “together” metro is on their adverse weather page they had two different conflicting bits of information on one page. The upper list of routes suspended included the route 2, while in the lower section of the page it detailed routes that were running and it says for route 2 it’s “running normal route!” So much for getting any definite information from metro. Also, in case no one noticed calling metro’s “customer service” number 553-3060 it didn’t even ring customer service but the regular schedule information which of course was impossible to speak to a human being and all you’d receive is a fast busy. To adsd to this metro’s “bus time” service doesn’t work for many routes that come from downtown even at busy a busy terminus such as 3rd and Pike or 3rd and Pine. Leaving a comment for metro is a complete waste of time as they don’t even bother to return email or address the fact that metro’s “bus-time” service is confusing and way out-of-date. Suggesting to metro that they make it “easy” on people by putting metro bus-time stop numbers on their route schedules at bus stops (i.e. where they even have a schedules posted) is met with “Err, we couldn’t do that. It would mean that people had some idea when a bus might come to that stop.” Yes, I know metro and everyone else is short on extra cash, but there are things metro could do to save money such as not going to the huge expense of printing new schedules every four months when 95% of the time the schedule doesn’t change at all and all that happens is that they change the color of the schedule and the rest ends up in someone’s recycle bin (or maybe it goes straight to the landfill, who knows!)

  5. Any idea why metro won’t print large maps and post them inside the bus a la subway style? Yes they sell ad space too but its never full and a lot of them seem like metro ads (unchanged for ages too).