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Whod ah Thunk it?

Seattle snow plows are a phone call away

Seattle Department of Transportation says if you want your street cleared, you have to make a request. It’s first call, first served. The number is (206) 386-1218.

p.s. The city doesn’t get a “B”

0 thoughts on “Whod ah Thunk it?

  1. KIRO had to get Ask Jesse on it to get us that number – after over a week. What about streets with elderly, infirm or anyone who might need an ambulance??

    I DO need to mention again that 13 or so years ago we were asked to vote on the purchase of a bunch of plow attachments, I recall it and I recall voting for it. You know how in this state nothing happens much unless we vote for it. Anyway that item failed to pass.

  2. While our streets were still clogged with snow (i.e., until last night), the city had already stopped plowing and was concerned only with potential flooding. At least that was the news I heard about every half hour all day, commenting that “the snow is all gone.” So there were plows available for us after they finished doing the important roads; they just didn’t bother.