20th Ave. Block Party / JUSTFOOD Hotdogs

Hi neighbors and thanks so much for all the support the JUSTFOOD Vendor’s HOTDOG Cart has experienced. It’s been great to see everyone! The cart won’t be out due to block party food / event preparation but will be back up and running next Tuesday August 31 11-7pm.

Wanted to pass along an invite to the Annual 20th Ave. Block Party. This Saturday August 28. 2pm – 10pm. Stop by! Here are the details:


18th Annual 20th Avenue Block Party

900 block of 20th Avenue  between Union and Marion

Saturday August 28, 2010 –  begins 2:00pm dinner 6:30pm

requested donation  $10 per person  /  $20 for family of 4




Live DJ



3:30 pm snacks: chips, salsa, nachos, hot dogs

6:30 pm dinner: Chicago Italian Beef Sandwiches

beer & onion brats, BBQ chicken, parmasean herbed french fries

grilled corn on the cob, green salad and more


Corporate Donations

Twilight Exit



food / drink / games / music / neighborhood


rsvp, questions, suggestions;

Brenda 206-271-6199 or Martin 206-271-6205

Animal Health Care Anyone?

Hi all – One of the CD’s best friends Blitzkrieg and his family have found themselves in the unfortunate situation of having to find immediate healthcare for Blitz. Over the last few years he has developed a fatty tumor which over the past few months has become a size larger than a basketball. The tumor is begnign, but it shows no sign of slowing down it’s growth rate. Blitz is an otherwise healthy 13ish y/o Shepard/Rott mix. Still doing well despite this discomfort.

His mom and I have been to both Rainier Vet and Broadway Vet. Our dilemma; the lowest estimated cost we can find for removing the tumor is $1200. Never a good time to come upon a vet bill of that size. Will certainly always consider insurance from here on out and I suggest that for all in moving forward.

So, Chef Brenda Lee and I are reaching out to our neighbors in the hope of all suggestions or ideas. Any in the hood resouces available? I’ve looked for teaching hospitals or veterinary colleges with no success. No surprise King County Animal Care and Control shows absolutely no help on the “Care” end of their name. My conversations with them are unsurprisingly all about “Control”.

We’re pretty optimistic that you’ll all help in coming up with great ideas as we are always impressed with the outpouring of good wishes and support everyone in this great neighborhood of ours shares. No surprises there.

Happy Spring and all our best,
Martin, Brenda, Bliz and Blu

Immaculate Conception Church

Has anyone else noticed that Immaculate Conception Church’s hourly bell toll has not been “sprung forward”? It consistently rings one bell chime less than the actual time – The Crowe and I noticed this past weekend as we sat in the yard enjoying the weather and a Corona – just sharing…

3 Cheers for Metro!

Scott, as always thanks for all the great updates and your dedicated work. As a huge fan of Chef Brenda Lee and JUSTFOOD, I wanted to pass along a perspective from a different point of view.

JUSTFOOD has catered Holiday fare to the Metro Atlantic Base (Safeco Field) over the last 4 years. All the fixen’s with the employees adding Metro parking lot deep-fried turkeys and bone in ham. Word spread over time, and with the recommendation of Metro employees who had enjoyed her food, Chef Brenda Lee was asked to provide Holiday meals this year to not only the Atlantic Base for 350 ppl, but also the South Base for 350, and the East Base in Bellevue for 300.

Bloggers, Neighbors, with Thursday’s snow, immobile busses, travel in general, the experience of witnessing these incredibly hard working groups of people in a time when we’re expected to do our best under circumstances many of us haven’t experienced in some time was really a sight to see. Drivers, mechanics, all the staffs were on alert, working diligently, doing their best and it was great to see them able to come back in for music filled, comraderie driven gatherings that helped carry the human spirit. (the snow made for festivity; the comfort food didn’t hurt either!)

Just sayin’ it provides hard evidence that the city does work together and makes this place a great neighborhood and community to be a part of. Cheers Metro!

Happy Holidays Everyone! stay safe and warm… peace.