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Animal Health Care Anyone?

Hi all – One of the CD’s best friends Blitzkrieg and his family have found themselves in the unfortunate situation of having to find immediate healthcare for Blitz. Over the last few years he has developed a fatty tumor which over the past few months has become a size larger than a basketball. The tumor is begnign, but it shows no sign of slowing down it’s growth rate. Blitz is an otherwise healthy 13ish y/o Shepard/Rott mix. Still doing well despite this discomfort.

His mom and I have been to both Rainier Vet and Broadway Vet. Our dilemma; the lowest estimated cost we can find for removing the tumor is $1200. Never a good time to come upon a vet bill of that size. Will certainly always consider insurance from here on out and I suggest that for all in moving forward.

So, Chef Brenda Lee and I are reaching out to our neighbors in the hope of all suggestions or ideas. Any in the hood resouces available? I’ve looked for teaching hospitals or veterinary colleges with no success. No surprise King County Animal Care and Control shows absolutely no help on the “Care” end of their name. My conversations with them are unsurprisingly all about “Control”.

We’re pretty optimistic that you’ll all help in coming up with great ideas as we are always impressed with the outpouring of good wishes and support everyone in this great neighborhood of ours shares. No surprises there.

Happy Spring and all our best,
Martin, Brenda, Bliz and Blu

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  1. Sorry to hear about Blitzy’s illness.

    It sounds like you’ve already checked out the two places that we’re most familiar with. We’ve been to both Broadway Vet and Rainier many times with both cats and dogs, and we’ve settled on Rainier as being the best option. The people at Broadway Vet are very nice & capable, but we’ve found the Rainier takes things a bit slower and generally has better prices.

    We’ve also been to NE Veterinary Hospital in an emergency and found that they were very good too. My neighbor actually goes there all the time, but I’m not sure if they’d have a significantly different price than the local places.

    Hope you find a good option!

  2. We’ve generally had good service at Rainier. Please post if there is an account our something we could contribute to. Also – if you learn anything about pet health insurance would you post that too?

  3. I don’t think I’ve found a bad vet around here (I have lots of feral cat experience), but $1200 is a chunk of change. I hate our veterinary health care system… but love our vets! Have you come right out and asked anyone if they can give you a discount, or payment plan? I’ve been treated kindly while bankrolling the ferals. Can’t hurt to ask.
    Other than that, I have a friend who once took a sick dog (with a congenital condition, I think) to the WSU veterinary school. It’s a hike to Pullman, but here’s a link if you want to investigate. I have no details for you, sorry!
    Good luck!

  4. I’ve known a couple of people who have gotten good, compassionate and less-expensive care (relative to other area vets) at the Rainier Beach Vet. The contact info. is
    Rainier Beach Veterinary Hospital
    9238 Rainier Ave S
    Seattle, WA 98118
    (206) 722-3661

    Good luck!

  5. Another idea is to ask for a payment plan option and ask if they’ll extend it to whatever you can afford a month.

  6. I have had many good experiences at 4 Paws with two our mastiffs and didn’t feel like the prices were insane. I think they would do a payment plan or maybe sliding scale. Ask around to whomever you decide to go to because I think a lot of places are sympathetic to peoples finances (esp these days).

    Good Luck

  7. For the past 12 years we utilize the vet at Rainier Beach. They are compassionate
    and affordable. All of our pets have had routine care as well as extensive vet stays
    without draining our resources.

  8. Thanks for the responses and well wishes. We are getting in contact with WSU Veterinary Medicine to see what they can offer. Besides the cost, we feel Blitz would be better served being in an environment which may provide better resources and equipment.

    Here’s a link for insurance. Not an endorsement, but a link.

    Thanks again everyone! can you believe this weather?

    Martin, Brenda Lee, Blitz, and Blu Casas

  9. I go to 4 Paws as well. I went there after I realized Broadway Vet charges more than other vets around here, and I needed a cheaper alternative. I am very very happy with the level of care and concern. I have taken both cats and dogs, and well, Gerbils…=)

  10. pet insurance is a good way to go. i have 2 young dogs that are insured through VPI pet insurance. Though I have had yet to use it for anything other than routine check-ups and vaccinations (thank goodness) I feel safe knowing I am covered for illness and accidents if that ever occurs. My best friend needed surgery twice on her labs back legs and her insurance covered just about all of the $3500 cost. Do your research to find the company that suites you that has a plan within your budget that meets your needs.