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CD News Looking Forward to 2009

Congratulations for a year of providing an incredible community resource.  The CD News info goes well beyond the web sphere as we repeat what we know to neighbors.  As I walked around while unable to go to work during the snow, I certainly told people to go here for news.  And, you all know I commented frequently.  Recent cabin fever?  Yes (I got to Christmas dinner YAY).  Contemplative? Not much, I think and do.  Reactive type? Totally.

I must say that the meeting at Garfield that you publicized dealt with some subtexts in the community in a good way, not to say seeing the SNG actually being in our area of the hood…

As you all are the creators of the software, and I fully support you getting ad revenue to support software development, I thought I’d state some things that would make this a more useful site.  This site is a lot more functional than traditional blogger style blogs, but I expect you are always figuring out ways to improve.  Hopefully, others will chime in and you will choose to implement a few enhancements?

I’m basing ideas off of some features of other blogs, which I also have critiques of, but I am cherry picking what works for me. has a feature for those who have a login of noting, not only the number of comments, but NEW comments.  I think this would be helpful if folks are involved in a discussion.  Washblog is a blog of liberals in the pacific northwest.  It tends to move slowly, so I can keep up. also has the NEW feature, but as it moves way to fast for me, I appreciate the home page for registered users where I can save articles.  I only go there periodically.  But, it saved my sanity when I was stuck at work watching a debate online, comments like, ‘ If your drinking game includes the term “My Friends”, put your glass down NOW’ mitigated missing the group at Central Cinema.  I also appreciate the weekly wrap up. 

So, having a place on my home page to save stories is helpful.

If any of you thoughtful people have a story to tell, dailykos or washblog are good places.  (end pitch)

Finally, I think it might be worthwhile reaching out to people who have come and gone.  I think some trolls really shut down some people and turned off others.  I have heard a few times, ‘I don’t need to subject myself to racism when I live with it every day.’  I cannot state strongly enough how important this is.  Maybe some emails or some surveys that go out by email.  Honest opinions are always good, yes?

I particularly appreciate the youth and comments from long time community people.  The young people are telling us the truth from their perspective.  When I see ‘All I want is to be safe’ written by a young person, I feel like this blog has just started to do its job.  The response was fantastic.  Maybe, and this is a stretch, maybe there is a way to allow people to connect with emails.  I KNOW social networking is complex.  Maybe, we just figure out who is on Facebook or MySpace.  THere is a Central District group on Facebook….

So congratulations Scott and CDguy (scanner reporting par excel lance – and WHO is the winner between Goodwill and QFC on south Broadway anyway?)  Hope your New Year is Happy.

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  1. I had the same complaint about the comments, but it’s there.
    * Click the “Stories” tab
    * In the “Display:” box on the left, click the “Comments” link

    If you’re the same as me, you have to scroll down a LOT to get to the first most recent one, but there they are. (Bug report for Scott – ie7 on XP, content starts after right nav ends. Also, the link could say “Recent Comments”, that would help clarity.)

    If that’s all too much just follow this link to the same place: