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School Closures- Organizing Meeting

I first learned of this organizing effort at the TT Minor School closure hearing.  The original meeting, postponed due to snow, has been rescheduled for TOMORROW.   While the announcement below specifically invites families and teachers to participate in efforts to “save our schools”, I think education is best served with broader community support.  It would love to see the Central District make a strong showing on behalf of our neighborhood schools and the district as a whole.

Organizing Meeting:  Educators, Students, & Parents for a Better VISION of Seattle Schools (ESP VISION)
Are you against the school closures? Come join us to plan the next steps in uniting all of the schools together against the closures. We are asking parents, educators, and students from any school — whether your school is on the chopping block this time or not — to come with ideas for how we can save our schools and improve public education in Seattle!

When: 6pm, Monday, December 29th
Where: Garfield Community Center (corner of Cherry and 23rd)
Contact: Vicky Jambor ([email protected]) 206-851-4862

More details available at

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  1. I think it’s great that there a people in the community who want to support T.T. Minor, but the reality is SPS can’t afford to keep all the school in this area open. T.T. Minor should close in my opinion. There is racial tension between staff members, the principal is a punitive micro-managing jerk and the test scores are horrible. Good luck!

  2. ESP Vision now has a Google Group and has also posted an online petition. The link for the Google Group is:

    And the link for the Save Our Schools petition is: