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You getting your mail?

Curious as I have a valuable holiday package that has not arrived and was due before x-mas

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  1. We have ordered a number of things to be delivered through the postal service. The ones that were expected to come later arrived sooner and visa versa with others. Go figure….

  2. We’ve been getting our USPS packages, but nothing from UPS. I have a package that has been in Seattle for a week and has yet to be delivered.

  3. We have been getting our USPS mail daily down here in the southern reaches of the CD, but not UPS deliveries. Same story as above with UPS — been stuck in distribution since 12/23/08 due to “EMERGENCY CONDITIONS BEYOND UPS’ CONTROL”. Tracker claims they are out again for delivery today and have been waiting around the house for them to come so don’t miss them. Unfortunately at least one of them contained perisable item that may be garbage now. “Funny” thing is we saw 3 UPS trucks in a row navigating Capitol Hill on a still snow covered Capitol Hill on 12/24/08, but nothing in this neighborhood and the snow has been clear for several days.

  4. found out it was being sent by UPS and UPS has had the package for 10 days and is just delivering today. glad it wasn’t for a young kid or anything.

  5. I’ve recently been getting UPS deliveries; 2 of them. But, an older delivery never happened due to snow: “emergency conditions beyond ups control” If your packages got held up due to snow, they are in some warehouse and will take a while to be unearthed. Amazon decided to reship my order as the oroginall scheduled delivery was Dec 18.

  6. Here on 24th-north-of-Union we are finally getting our mail, and I just received a priority-mail package that was sent from Seattle on Saturday.

    But I have not yet received a UPS package that was sent from Chicago before Christmas (but I don’t know how much before). There were at least two UPS trucks on my street on Friday; one of them parked for at least an hour for no appaent reason (no, it wasn’t stuck). Eating lunch maybe?

  7. We’ve been getting regular USPS mail and UPS deliveries on Union and on 20th south of Union, she said gratefully.

    However, we ordered a kid’s gift in U Village that did not arrive at the store until a week after the original due date and after Christmas. I heard some mumbling about the loading dock being frozen shut… it goes. I felt good that we’d gotten a ‘work-around’ gift just in case. Whew, brain was working for a change.