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Real Time 911

Anyone know what’s going on with the Incident Report?  It hasn’t been available for several days.

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  1. It’s so much harder to do neighborhood news without the 911 page. I heard that it’s down for a big system migration, but so far no ETA…

  2. Hey guys, now tonight the police scanner isn’t working for me suddenly… anyone know what’s up or is it just me? Thanks.

  3. Not sure – do you listen to one of the internet streams? If so, which one?

  4. I found an upside down cash register box in the street, by the corner of Davis Place South and S. Charles Street.
    Any hold ups in the area? I reported it to the police and no response yet.

  5. hey scott… I’ve been listening to the scanner link at… now it’s just not working. Any thoughts? Hints? Thanks!