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Market Snapshots

It’s opening day of our neighborhood farmers market!

The market is open until 7pm tonight

Here’s some snapshots:

Flowers are $10 a bunch.

0 thoughts on “Market Snapshots

  1. It is great weather for the opening day, there is a pretty decent selection despite it being early in the season. I can’t wait for the fresh strawberries to come in!

  2. Just back from the “Farmers’ Market” at MLK and Union.
    Lot’s of fun stuff and fresh veggies.
    Lot’s of support from the neighborhood!

  3. Don’t miss the Whidbey Island Creamery’s ice cream bars. Today’s a perfect day for them (the triple berry one is excellent). We also picked up some tomato starts which we’ll be planting this weekend! (Scott, we must have just missed you….)

  4. Scott: are your picture markers hand-placed on the map, or has the awesome union of GPS, camera and map finally happened?


    PS: how about incorporating the pictures in the pop-ups from the markers on the map?

  5. I didn’t realize tall grass bakery was at our farmer’s market – excellent!

  6. The magic of the iPhone – photos get geocoded, and we automatically pick that up.

    But it’s kinda ridiculous here – need to add some code to not worry about the map if they’re all in the same block…