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“Water Job Minor”

12/21/2008 8:50:26 PM F080117317 L10 1400 23rd Av Water Job Minor

What’s a “water job minor”? This was at 23rd and Union, but there were many listed on the incident report tonight, and they all involved a ladder truck.

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  1. The Fire Department seems to be available for a lot of non-fire jobs too. If your basement floods due to a frozen pipe or a blocked drain, they can bring their big pumps in to take care of it pretty quickly.

    My introduction to this was when I was out of town a few years ago and had a housesitter staying with the dog. She got locked out at some point, and called the fire department to help her get back in. They used a ladder to reach a window on the side of the house and crawled in, tragically bending a screen in the process.

    Before that I would have never thought that they had time for that kind of thing.

  2. Thanks, Scott. Since the ladders seemed to be a key factor, I was picturing something up in the air – like stop this precipitation from coming down, or something? My mind works funny after three days of snow.
    (Whoever said “it works funny all the time,” I heard that!)

  3. I noticed on my walk early this morning that there is water flowing out the back of the Philly’s building between the building and the driveway. Could this be what they were responding to? I wonder if there is a busted pipe?

  4. Sounds right – thanks, Sarah! Though I still don’t understand why ladder trucks were needed, unless they also carry the pumps that Scott wrote about.

    I still like my vision of our heroic firefighters at the top of their extended ladders, all over the city, trying to stop the big leak from the sky.