CDN Year in Review 2013 | Most-Read Central District Stories of 2013

Humble Pie, hops plants in the foreground.

With 2013 drawing to a close, we’re revisiting our most popular articles of the year. One thing is clear from this list: Our readers are often drawn to stories about food and crime. And sometimes those two topics are linked in the same story.

Top Ten Most Popular Articles of 2013:

1. Humble Pie brings farm-fresh pizza and local beer to the Central District

2. Med Mix fire started intentionally

3. More updates on the Med Mix fire story

4. Chuck’s Hop Shop CD coming to 20th and Union

5. Woman gives birth in front seat of car while stuck in traffic

6. Med Mix damaged in fire

7. New graffiti appears at Med Mix; Artists caught on surveillance

8. Central Pizza opens today

9. Set your phasers to stun with this summer’s Outdoor Star Trek performances

10. Man stabbed with ice pick at 22nd/Cherry

5 thoughts on “CDN Year in Review 2013 | Most-Read Central District Stories of 2013

    • Yeah, considering 4 of the top 10 stories were about MedMix, I think it’s safe to say we’re all really interested in finding out more about it!

    • There was a recent post on the Madrona Moms Listserv about MedMix. The post indicated that MedMix ownership wants to reopen at the 23rd and Union location, but they are in a holding pattern because the property owner is considering the location for a Marijuana Shop. The story was sourced to an employee at the pioneer square MedMix.

      Care to comment Ian?

      • I sure hope that is not true. What a shitty way that would be to treat your tenants. So we lose a generally well-received local neighborhood dining establishment and trade it for weekend gridlock and traffic jams of pot shoppers? Gee, swell.

  1. I am considering taking up pot smoking and have decided definitely to not eat bad hummus like at med mix. Med mix is terrible food. So I would prefer something I might try. Perhaps Ian can upper deck on the place with a pot shack up there. Then people can bong out and eat humans. It would be a great place to grin down upon the lowly peoples.