UPDATE: Med Mix fire started intentionally

We have an official update from the city regarding the early morning fire at Med Mix on 23rd and Union.

The scene at Med Mix early this morning.

The scene at Med Mix early this morning.

Seattle Fire Investigators have determined the incident was an incendiary fire, meaning one that is  intentionally set.The Seattle Police Department Arson Bomb Squad investigated the scene, which is protocol with intentionally-set fires. The fire originated in the exterior storage area behind the restaurant.

The fire wreaked an estimated $90,000 in damage, though there were no injuries in the blaze.

We’ve inquired whether SPD thinks the Med Mix fire is related to the recent string of arson fires in the area; they said they do not see any connection at this time other than proximity.

38 thoughts on “UPDATE: Med Mix fire started intentionally

  1. Let’s all go out and eat at Mediterranean Mix – increase their business and let them know we stand with them. We need this kind of business in the CD!

    • I would but since my first experience there resulted in food poisoning I haven’t been inspired to go back

      • Gotta admit, the place did suck. Hopefully they can rebuild and have cleaner more sanitary conditions. Maybe improve the flavor from cheap Giro’s and fly paper to something I would eat.

        I wouldn’t burn it down, but, supporting is another thing. Plus it is a terribly dangerousl corner with shootings every week and arson. Probably alot of un-reported rapes and assaults also.

  2. This is really sad. We absolutely love their food and have told so many friends and coworkers about this place. Hands down the best falafel sandwich in the city!

  3. Med Mix has been a more than welcome addition to our community. Has anyone organized a rally to show the communities support? If so, when? If not, how about Tues, 8/13/13 at 6 p.m. for an hour?

  4. Med Mix has been a positive for the neighborhood in many ways…Yes, we should show our support for them…

  5. I talked to the owner tonight who is a wonderful man. I’m sure he’d appreciate any show of support. He expressed concern about his employees being out of work, and said that he thinks they’ll be reopening in 2-3 weeks.

  6. Our family loves Med Mix and it seems like a place the entire community enjoys. And, I refuse to believe that the corner is cursed. Neighbor Lady is thriving and so is Med Mix.

    I will say I’m a little confused as to why the SPD has so quickly discounted a relationship to this arson fires and the other weird recent arson fires. Hopefully the $10,000 reward (posted on the building) will lead to answers.

    • I have not seen anything that seems to link any of the fires, but the details on all are a little vague. The car fire so far had some of the most distinctive aspects reported. Likely SPD does not want to say anything, sort of like “no comment,” or the method of operation in all cases is so different that it is difficult to think that there is a link. SPD may have opinions or evidence for each that they are not sharing, or else they have little.

  7. Please everyone, put the word out to all your friends and our community. Show of support 6-7 at Med Mix Tues, 8/13/13.

  8. Med Mix is great, but I know that I cannot make it at that time tomorrow. I do have one question. Why is there no notation on the 911 map for the incident around 2:15 AM at 23rd and E. Union? This came up a few weeks ago in terms of another fire, but enough time had passed that I was not sure it was a legitimate issue. However, I do not see the 23rd and E. Union fire on the 911 map.

  9. this guy is not a wonderful in fact he should not even own a business. he treats his employees like shit and harasses them. if you do not believe me check with the group seasol.net do not support this man.

    • I visited the Seasol site but could not find anything regarding MedMix .. please post a link.

  10. The owner of medmix is a total a**hole. Everyone I’ve talked to who has worked there has had problems getting paid, has been verbally harassed by the owner, and one of my friends got food poisoning from them.

  11. No one seemed to mention the fact that the arsonist also tagged the neighborlady building with the message “4 pratt and trayv”. Local news websites have the security video of the person doing all this. So how is a MedMix fire a platform for this message?

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  13. I have to say, some of these comments are truly appalling. Whether one likes the food at Med-Mix or not (I think that it is great), this is a sorry tragedy that is going to leave a local small business, including its employees, down for a month. Med-Mix has been an extremely positive addition to the neighborhood that has cleaned up the corner of 23rd and Union and served as a unique dining option and also employed individuals within the community. Its mere existence, along with The Neighbor Lady (another terrific local spot), should also be noted as improving our home values since opening.

    It is irrelevant if people like the owner or not. I will still support them and welcome any other independent businesses that continue to improve the neighborhood.

    • The owner of the Med Mix has a lot of enemies. In both of his businesses, Med Mix and the one in Pioneer Square, he treats his employees like shit and is paranoid about them organizing against him. The owner of Med Mix is also a coke freak who has made a lot of money off of phone sex enterprises (not that phone sex is necessarily bad, just that the owner is a particular slime ball about it). Also he gives two thumbs up to the state of Israel and its fascist army the IDF. And, to top it all off, he is a greedy pig who, yes, along with the proprietor of the Neighbor Lady, want to make tons of money off the restructuring of 23rd and Union. So I shed no tears. This is a win for everyone trying to protect the neighborhood from these pigs. Thanks a bunch!

      • What about the businesses across the street? The liquor store, the barber shop, the hair salon? Are they “greedy pigs” as well for wanting their businesses to be successful? And how about the little coffee stand next to the Post Office, what greedy pigs they must be to occupy that tiny little space and still think they deserve to make a profit! Or the gas station across the street, filthy, greed pigs! And let’s not forget the car wash at the end of the block – well, at least they’re not FILTHY, but still greedy pigs, yes? Because ALL of these businesses (not to mention Union Market up the street, or the laundromat, or Central Cinema, or 2020 Bikes, or Adey Abeba or Katie’s Coffee, et al) would stand to financially benefit from redevelopment of the intersection – as would, BTW all of us who LIVE in the vicinity! I guess we’re all just greedy pigs in your eyes for wanting OUR neighborhood to be alive and economically vibrant.

        And lets see some actual EVIDENCE for these accusations – if the owner is truly as reprehensible as people are claiming, then there must be some record of his previous actions. I’d like to see some of that before taking your word on the matter

      • I think you’re conflating two separate people here. One who owns MedMix, and one who owns the property it sits on.

    • You forgot the pig who sells that wonderful mexican and puerto rican food out of a food truck just west of there. Making money, horror of horrors!

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  15. As noted in the KIRO story, the grafitti, which reads “4 PRATT + Trayv” likely references slain CD civil rights leader Ed Pratt:

    As for Trayv, we are all well aware of the reference.

    The question now is, what is an appropriate and effective response? Identifying and prosecuting the perpetrators is necessary, but beyond that, the fact remains that this incident is symptomatic of a serious tension in our community. Dealing with the source of that tension is the only effective way of reducing future occurrences of this kind.

      • But, you have to acknowledge the full spectrum of people and their rationals. Conservative to Nutjob and Liberal to Creep. There are alot of people here. You can’t imagine them away.

    • “Dealing with the source of that tension is the only effective way of reducing future occurrences of this kind.”

      Yep, 30 years in jail should do it.

  16. Arson is a sad means of beginning any conversation. Be careful in giving this one individual too much power as representative of any part of the community or even respectful of the memory of Ed Pratt or Trayvon Martin. So far, I have not seen anything that would lead me to believe that he (The figure appears to be male.) is representing anyone but himself, and so far the posts that seem supportive of the action are not attached to any identifiable group or individuals. They seem pretty anonymous.

    • The Gyros are not good at all. Un-original slop in a dingy shack. Let’s not get all gooey about it.

      Our fight is against criminals. We don’t have to eat gruel to prove what side we are on.

      Neighbor Lady is great. Lot’s of middle age chicks in there too.

  17. all the pro gentrification yuppies only seem to be anonymous commenters. we shouldnt take them to seriously. again, lots of people are happy about it. this guy is a racist, gentrifying pig and he has been a problem on the corner for a long time. go walk around the neighborhood, explain your position, and see what happens.

    • Funny, I looked up “local community member” in the phone book and couldn’t find that name. But right on, keep on anonymously threatening anonymous posters with violence. Interesting approach for fighting the stereotype that a lot of the cd residents espouse violence.

    • Proof, please. For example, how could this person possibly have “been a problem on the corner for a long time”, when the business has only been open for less than a year and a-half?