Police find man stabbed with ice pick at 22nd/Cherry (UPDATED)

Police say a man was stabbed in the chest and suffered life threatening injuries in an ice pick attack late Monday night near 22nd and E Cherry.

Seattle Fire reports transporting a 56 year-old male to Harborview with a stab wound to the chest in the attack first reported just after 10:30 PM.

Police said they were still looking for suspect information and investigating the circumstances that lead to the attack.

UPDATE: We have more information from SPD:

A man was sent to Harborview Medical Center last night after it was discovered that he had been stabbed in the chest after an unknown suspect punched him.

At about 10:20 last night, the male victim was approached by two unknown men in the 2300 Block of East Cherry Street.  The victim reported to a witness that one of the men punched him in the chest.  The victim soon discovered that he had actually been stabbed in the chest just above his heart.  Officers arrived at the location and immediately requested Seattle Fire Medics to the scene.  The victim was transported to HMC. Officers did not locate any witnesses to the actual assault, and were unable to determine the actual circumstances surrounding the stabbing because the victim had been admitted to the Emergency Room.  Officers believe based on the size of the wound that the item used in the stabbing could possibly be an ice pick.  The only additional information on the suspects is that they are black males.  Detectives are handling the follow up investigation.

17 thoughts on “Police find man stabbed with ice pick at 22nd/Cherry (UPDATED)

  1. Two of the EMTs had full gowns on (to prevent fluid contact) and it looked like they were working on the patient but not doing CPR.

    Here’s to a speedy recovery for the victim and I hope SPD finds whoever did it.

  2. Ouch! An Ice Pick? How do they know it was an ice pick vs an awl or a miniature unicorn figurine? Who carries an ice pick around. Who even has an ice pick anymore. I have never owned an ice pick. My only experience with ice picks is that some wealthier people who drank martinis used them to break cubes of ice to put in the shaker. Often an apprehensive feel to watch a drunk old woman stabbing at cubes of ice with hands too close and ice flying around the kitchen/bar.

    I might have an awl in some dusty old too box somewhere. Some relic of Granpa’s for scoring metal I think.

    So, was it a rich old coot in a blue blazer freaked out about the shortage of the new Oola batch? Was it perhaps a sheet metal worker with an awl? Or perhaps a little girl with a dangerous unicorn.

    We can’t have stories like this with no detail. People will make assumptions. For now, I am going to stay away from little girls with unicorns.

    • How nice it must be to live such a cushy life that you can afford to sit back and crack (not at all funny) jokes about someone’s near fatal attack. Would these alleged jokes still be amusing to you if the victim was your friend?

      • Humor is an important tool in dealing with stress. We should see more of it. Nobody knows who the stabbed guy was. It’s just another faceless story of violence in the CD. “Guy was stabbed again, in other news, crime is down city wide. People in the CD rejoicing in their new peacefull surroundings.”

        As far as we know he may not have been a friend. And, it is an interesting consideration. How was the weapon identified as an ice pick. Did the find it? Or, was it just some sharpenned thing. A screwdriver perhaps.

        Fortunately it was not a gun.

      • Dude, eyes… Jim98122 has been commenting with the same name for as long as you have. He’s not a troll, you just don’t like him. Everyone you don’t like does not become a troll because you don’t like their opinion. You do realize that most readers of this site view YOU as the TROLL.

    • Interesting story. It does show that Mr. Beetle’s interest in the ice pick is mirrored in NYC. I have never seen an ice pick. And, it does look the same as an awl. Would they also have to ban metal working tools such as slag hammers? It seems like there may be alot of tools out there that could be used for murder. Until we do away with tradesmen completely we may keep suffering from random tool attacks. We may have to go to a point where you have to have a specific license for any tool you purchase or possess. I heard of a cyclist who had sharpenned his seat post and had a quick release on the post so he could pull off the seat and use the post as a defensive weapon after all the I-90 tunnel bicyclist robberies a few years back.

      • You guys are rediculous. You can’t ban everything. Next people will be using parsnips and coconuts as weapons. Do we ban fruits and vegetables? I’m just grateful that nobody was seriously hurt.

    • Its more of a “runnable” part of town, which is what I have been doing when I get off the bus at that location everyday to get home.