Humble Pie brings farm-fresh pizza and local beer to the Central District

Humble Pie, hops plants in the foreground.

Humble Pie, hops plants in the foreground.

It’s not often you find a chicken coop at a pizza joint. Or a restaurant constructed of shipping containers. Or basil plants growing in a rooftop garden.

But such is the scene at Humble Pie, open for just over a month now at 525 Rainier Ave, at Weller Street. Owner Brian Solazzi has labored on the odd-shaped lot for a year and a half, building his pizza restaurant. He’s incorporated two shipping containers, one for storage and the other for the kitchen and bathroom. Solazzi also built the coop, a large patio and outdoor seating area, and a small deck near the ordering window. He’s currently growing hops for eventual beer making, has plans to expand the gardens, and will start using eggs from his chickens in the fall.

The chicken coop, the rooftop garden, and the shipping containers are all part of Solazzi’s vision for a sustainable enterprise. Solazzi, who holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Carnegie Mellon, designed Humble Pie in accordance with LEED principles. (The building isn’t LEED certified, though; LEED only certifies buildings that are at least 1,000 square feet and Humble Pie is a mere 192.)

Humble Pie's chicken coop

Humble Pie’s chicken coop

“LEED has a concept that I apply which is the triple bottom line, meaning we’re not only about profitability, we’re also about community development and sustainability,” Solazzi says. “With the building we tried to make something that has as small a footprint as possible. We wanted to be able to process 100% of rainwater on site. We wanted to have an outdoor environment and we wanted to grow as much of our food as we could.”

The Humble Pie menu will always have ten pies and a salad, but Solazzi is hoping to have specials that reflect seasonal ingredients. The current pies include a traditional Margherita, an apple pizza with Beecher’s Flagship cheese, and a prosciutto and arugula pie with a fried egg draped over the middle.

“We’re very interested in seasonal stuff as well as exploring more interesting types of pizza,” Solazzi says. “We’re not a strictly Italian place so that gives us freedom to explore other influences.”

Pizza and beer at Humble Pie

Pizza and beer at Humble Pie

Beyond what he grows on site, Solazzi sources as much of his ingredients locally. Meat comes from Zoe’s Meats in SODO, and the pizza is made with Washington flour. Beer and wine is sourced from “as close to Seattle as possible,” Solazzi says. When he can, Solazzi opts for organic ingredients. And everything that passes through the ordering window is compostable or recyclable.

The chickens will help close the loop as much as possible by eating scraps or spoiled vegetables, and by contributing waste as fertilizer.

Humble Pie is currently open from 5 pm to 9 pm Tuesday through Sunday, but they’re currently hiring and hoping to expand to lunch hours soon.

14 thoughts on “Humble Pie brings farm-fresh pizza and local beer to the Central District

  1. I’ve eaten here a couple of times and it’s definitely one of my favorite pizza places in the city.

  2. Last Wednesday, I called to order a pizza there and the phone just rang and rang. I really wanted to support this new business, but I ordered from Pagliacci instead.

    Humble Pie, if you’re reading this: answer your phone next time! Or at least get an answering machine so I know it’s the right number and you’re actually open.

    • a small mistake, indeed — and one that you shouldn’t let turn you away from supporting a new business altogether. Particularly since I think you’d be missing out on a large part of the Humble Pie experience by ordering a pizza via the phone.

      Much better to drop by, pull up a stool and have a drink while watching them make your pie fresh in the clay oven. Its a comfortable spot, and a great one to spend a few minutes soaking in the day.

    • Hi Joe-

      We are so very sorry you weren’t able to get through on the phone, several people had the same problem, we have since fixed the issue and should have a voicemail greeting up very soon. We hope you will give us another shot in the near future.

      -Humble Pie

  3. Incredible pizza! Watched him build it over a year! And I remember you from last night, you caught me in the picture ! Glad you got a table! It is packed every night!

  4. I loved the pizza there. I was curious how they will transition to fall and winter given the majority of the seating is outdoors.

  5. Welcome to the hood Humble Pie. We’ve been watching curiously and are stoked to come hang with you. Looks amazing.

  6. Went for the first time a week or so ago and loved it. Started the evening at Standard Brewing – A perfect combo (I’d pay more for a pint of a super-local beer at Humble or to have a pizza delivered to Standard Brewing, just saying)……

  7. We need more places to eat and drink in our neighborhood over here. I hope that Humble Pie will offer a covered and heated area outside for the fall so we can enjoy it later in the year, and I hope that Standard Brewing will expand their hours so we have something like a real pub in the CD.

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  9. Will you be offering vegan cheeses (e.g.: Daiya and/or Teese) on your pizzas? This part of town needs a good, local vegan pizza option!!

  10. My wife, son and I went last week. It was incredibly good. While I love Mio Posto, I’d say it’s a notch better. And bonus, the owner is a super nice guy. Welcome to the hood!