New graffiti appears at Med Mix; artists caught on surveillance

New graffiti appeared on the side of the Neighbor Lady building, on August 30, on the wall that faces Med Mix. The graffiti is in the same spot where the “4 Pratt + Trayv” was painted on the night Med Mix was set on fire by an arsonist, still at large.

Ian Eisenberg, owner of both the Med Mix building and the Neighbor Lady, says he has since painted over the graffiti. The paint read “Don’t test me,” “Stop erasing my poetry,” and “Boo, forever.”


Surveillance cameras caught two people on video as they wrote on the wall. Eisenberg says maybe the perpetrators were taking advantage of power being out since the arson, which left the area dark — and would logically mean the surveillance cameras were down, too. The cameras, however, were still operating. The following still shots were pulled from the videos:



A full video of the incident is available here.

If you have information relating to this incident, please call Seattle Police Department’s non-emergency line at (206) 625-5011.

52 thoughts on “New graffiti appears at Med Mix; artists caught on surveillance

      • No they did not come from the Neighbor Lady. The two losers walked north on 24th and crossed over unto north side of Union, walking past NL. Exact same path/course as arsonist.

  1. Usher in the double standards. Pick up trash? Hilarious!! You mean they shouldn’t be marked felons and be caged like the animals that their criminal act indicates that they are?

    • You nailed it, oh wait they look educated and made a bad call, thus they shouldn’t go to jail like blacks and be felons, however; they should pick up trash instead.

    • “shouldn’t go to jail like blacks and be felons” you moron, that is just where they should go, to jail where they can experience first hand what happens when you break the law. Or maybe they can plea bargin down as they are in the containment zone!

  2. While these two are clearly idiots, I don’t think they are the arsonists. The arsonist was right handed, the guy here is a southpaw. And the arsonist was way more fit and athletic than the lady pictured here.

    • Why do you not assume they are members of some nefarious street gang? But they couldn’t be involved, they don’t fit the “profile”. And my goodness the man appears to have a beer in his hand…shouldn’t we planning a community forum?

    • and the arsonist was at least savvy enough to wear a mask and a hoodie… these two dip wads basically walked up and said cheese….

    • I really don’t know since tagging basically went out in the 90’s. Are you saying that you disagree with the assertion that had this been young black men with an open container, smoking some unidentified substance, while trespassing and participating in property destruction, “Artists caught on surveillance” would certainly not be in the title of this article. More problematic and indicative of the racial bias my comment is alluding to, is many of the responses here. Had they been black, they would automatically be suspected in the arsons and no way would people be making light or recommending community service e.g. trash pick up. Stop the foolishness dismissals.

      • “Had they been black, they would automatically be suspected in the arsons”

        Horsesh*t. Everyone knows the arsonists were stupid, spoiled white anarchists.

      • That’s right Fred. Arson is not about race. It’s about a warped mind. Some young arsonists are self cured. Others are demented freaks destined to spin out of control. The ‘race’ connection is just a little spin to help the arsonist feel impo(r)tent. The person may have been white, black, or indifferent. Still just an arsonist. And, it may well have been these two idiots. They should be arrested and roughed up by the ATF and other DOJ agencies and charged with hate crimes. They clearly intend to spread animosity and hatred in the CD.

      • @pinebeetle – Freds comment actually does distinguish race…”stupid, spoiled white anarchists”.

        But since you let your presence known, are you at least willing to acknowledge the distinct difference in the response to this crime in comparison to the response and complaints lodged concerning the “illegal” activities by blacks around Parnells? I would say writing on a wall is more distructive to property than peeing on a tree (unless of course it is the urine of the boogeyman i.e. the black man – because apparently after thousands of years without indoor plumbing it has been discovered by a central area do gooder that urine is capable of killing trees but I digress)

        I hardly think this couple deserves a trip to Guantanamo or to be roughed up by the Feds (WTF is that about?) for their mischief just as I think its completely inappropriate and unfair to label blacks as criminals for equal types of behavior. I coud not have asked for a better example of the racial bias you tried to argue is non-existent where crime in the central area is concerned. I wonder if you stick by the comments you made last month?

    • @1940 Nowhere have I denied the existance of bias. I do at times try to distinguish between biaas and stupidity. I also argue against overplaying bias. There is plenty of bias to addresss without wearing people down with false claims of it. A few false claims distract from and bring to question the true cases.

  3. Whether they were directly or indirectly connected to the arson or not, they are total idiots for instigating YET ANOTHER ineffective attempt to address some beef peeps have with this corner of business in the neighborhood. If they have some legitimate issues to address, they def don’t have an intelligent way of expressing it. WAY TO DISCREDIT AND UNDERMINE YOUR SO-CALLED CAUSE… *duh*

  4. Sorry.,. And I have no stones to throw… But this seems contrived. The fire was a gd tragedy for those that hoped to make things better. These posers meh….mmmeeh

  5. The only beer The Neighbor Lady sells that comes in a can is Bittburger tallboys. The can in hand is not a tallboy and Bittburger cans are white on top and have large letters spelling out “Bittburger” just below the rim. And, that girl looks nothing like any bartender I’ve ever seen at The Twilight Exit. Nice try. Listen to your own advice and “do the research”

      • hey there, just wondering if you realized that you are creating a bunch of hysteria by posting all this stuff. if a guys pees on the wall are you going to post pictures of him? or what if some lady pops a squat, you gonna post that on here too? its funny in a very distanced sort of way, but really, these moments speak volumes about everyone. what if “the arsonist” is actually a war between racists and people trying to protect the neighborhood? what if denial is really powerful? what if maybe these two people just dont give a fuck? what if you all are becoming micro-police states, atomized little control mechanisms that find any disturbance and attempt to have it contained and trapped in a cage? what if you’ve gone too far? anyway, just a little two cents from an old time single liberal mother of two. next time neighbor lady gets upper decked, think of old betsy

      • Why so defensive? I wasn’t attacking you, I was commenting on the headline, in which absolutely no sarcasm is in evidence.

      • This is a crime blog. It started out as a crime blog and, no matter the other filler, it still is a crime blog.

        Anything else anyone else might choose to post is trumped by loads of posts (and hits) whenever a crime happens. True a huge deal for the community, but not really anything other than the CentralDistrictCrimeBlog.

        As i have not been directly affected, and as I can pull up the police scanner myself, also subscribe to the city info myself and do not need notification here, I check in here periodically to see the people who die in violence because i am sure it will be reported here lol

      • @pugwald has a point – if you wanted the headline to read as tongue-in-cheek, you should have put “artists” in double-quotes. This is why I will not be a subscriber – I’m already employed as a copy editor… for free.

  6. Gosh, I wish everyone in the CD would pick up their trash. Oh wait, maybe because I am really angry I will hang dog poop on the tree in front of my house with a note on it. How bout we focus on raising interesting, loving, non-litterbug children. This art they are creating might be another example of the masterworks at Lascaux.

  7. @betsy mcpherson

    That last sentence of you post sounded a lot like a threat. Super unproductive.

    • yo, drawing the reactionaries out of their basements is a tough job. keep at it, yall. maybe once they are all assembled they’ll eat each other like zombies. fyi, you all are gentrification bots fulfilling your programming. how did you get this way? what happened to you?

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  11. These two look like a pretty recognizable pair. How about posting their pictures
    around the neighborhood and if/when identified, charging them with vandalism?

  12. That pair looks like aging hipsters that still think they are funny or living ironically. They are truly loathsome and should fess up if they have any dignity (are they over 40?). I have never instantaneously hated anybody so much. Thanks for defacing places (most?) of this neighborhood loves – The Neighbor Lady/Med Mix. Something like “Go back to Fremont or Wallingord” (places I actually like) oddly comes to mind.

  13. The issue with any graffiti is that people are defacing property (land, building, cars) that is not theirs. If the mayor was serious, he could enforce/stricter penalties to curb this. In the 70s, NYC had problems with broken windows and graffiti and the mayor worked to get this problem solved. We have a mayor that would rather work with Schwinn bikes.

  14. Is there an update on when Med Mix will repopen? The estimated 2-3 weeks post Arson has come and gone. I’m getting worried about it becoming an abandoned corner store once again.

    • Hi Liz, They are still planning to reopen. When I spoke to the building owner last week, he mentioned it’s tough to pin down a timeline just yet, as the insurance company is processing the claim and Seattle Police are still working on the investigation. When we know more, we’ll update everyone here.

  15. Liz and Megan, thank you for the update. Quite a few people have expressed concern to me, I was beginning to feel that it had been abandoned again.

  16. These two criminals should definately be found and punched in the gut by agents of the justice department. They are haters. Therefor their crimes are hate crimes. The way to deal with it is to beat some fear into them. The administration must draw a red line against hate, arson, and bad behavior. Smug punks like this are a cancer on society. It seems like society wants to only ruff up blacks and mexicans that step one foot out of line. The creeps in this photo have their heads in the toilet and think it’s fun. Only a good hard beating can correct that.

  17. Take a close look at the second picture. I believe it says “boo forever”, but, also note the drawing. It appears to be a flaming ghost. We can certainly view suspects as clowns,but, clearly they are making a threatennign statement. Literally they are claiming that we should be affraid that they will continue to start fires.

    It is nont possible to write this off as a joke until the suspects have been properly interogated by the ATF. Would you laugh off a threat to shoot up a school? No, of course not. Well these arsonists have burned down a restaurant, burned cars and other buildings with indicatiions of racist motive, and have lit fires at schools and libraries.

    We cannot shrug this behavior off. They are sending a message. It s just a matter of time before they kill people. Why have they not been caught and evaluated by agents and committed to Western State Hospital for three weeks evaluation before being charged as the arsonists they claim to be.

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  20. Someone must recognize the pair. The pics are pretty clear. BTW, I don’t think these are the original arsonists, though I don’t know. The reason it’s a serious, is because arson can be deadly. If someone had been upstairs, they would have been overcome by smoke before they could escape. So if anyone knows who these guys are, we should at least have the police question them.