Real Estate Update

No time to post last week so we have double our normal allowance of closings this week.
Some rather large price adjustments happened with a number of these.
As usual the pictures should be in the same order as the subsequent list.

2514 E Pine st-original list price=$249,900. Sale price=$222,000. Days on Market=20
512 28th Ave – OLP=$394,950. SP=$345,000. DOM= 82
3206 S Washington St OLP=$517,500. SP=$350,000. DOM=165
1415 25th Ave#A-OLP=$424,950. SP=$355,000. DOM=177
410 14th Ave OLP=$438,500. SP=$438,500. DOM=20
406 21st Ave OLP=$475,000. SP=$450,000. DOM=124
520 26th Ave S#B OLP=$499,950. SP=$455,000. DOM=231
522 26th Ave S OLP=$575,000. SP=$497,000. DOM=424
1423 36th Ave OLP=$599,000 SP=505,000. DOM=147
918 26th Ave OLP=$529,000. SP=$515,000 DOM=23

Real Estate Update

Not really alot to post this week. Prety typical for mid-month and just prior to the holiday season.

162 29th Ave Original list price=$350,000. Sale Price=$295,000. Days on Market=32

201 22nd Ave OLP=$500,000. SP=$422,000. DOM= 101

Real Estate Update

Here are the four houses that closed last week. We really haven’t see the kinds of numbers we would normally see at the end or beginning of the month. I am also posting some statical reports from last October compared with this October that will highlight it even more. Remember these are not overall numbers just a certain month from one year to the next.
Do you like to get these year to year numbers?

317 27th Ave s Original list price=349,999. Sale Price=324,999. Days on Market=78
1112-B 23rd Ave S OLP=369,000. SP=326,500. DOM=110
1709 E Fir OLP=429,950. SP=409,950. DOM=25
1415-1/2 E John St OLP=529,000 SP=465,000 DOM=176

Here are the October numbers for our area. This ecompasses everthing from the I-90 Lid to the ship canal and Lake Washington to the border of Downtown.

Total active listings Oct. of 08=298 Oct of 07=349 percetage= negative 14.61%
Closed sales Oct. of 08=37 Oct. of 07=67 percentage= negative 44.78%
Median Price Oct. of 08=$254,950. Oct. of 07=$315000. percentage= negative 19.06%

Real Estate Update

Yes folks it is that time again. I was expecting a few more than this as it is the end of the month but alas we have only six this week. I should have some stats and trends next week for the month of October as the MLS will release those later this week.
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920 Davis Pl S Original list price=349k Sale price=312k Days on market=46

1415 25th Ave unit-c :OLP=399k SP=365k DOM= 65

1136 Yakima Ave S : OLP=439k SP=410k DOM=82

1633 S Lane St : OLP=499k SP=425k DOM= 230

1518 36th Ave : OLP= 649k SP= 560k DOM= 55

1527 32nd Ave : OLP=721k SP=670k DOM=59

The MLS photos should be in this order.
Interior photos an be provided upon request if available.

Real Estate Update

Thank you so much for the great response last time. It seems as though folks would like this to be a regular thing so here I am again.
This is what has sold in the last two weeks. I’m trying to add pictures this time so be patient as I try and find the best possible method.
3206 E Republican Original list price=399k selling price=350k days on market=158
327 32nd Ave-OLP=399k SP=355k DOM=19
2510 S King-OLP=449k SP=415k DOM=72
310 25th Ave S- OLP=475k SP=425k DOM=72
1710 37th Ave – OLP=972k SP=972 DOM=3
The pics are in the same order as this list.

Here is a link to an article in the PI last week.

It claims that a specific survey taken ranks Seattle as the number one real estate market in the country. My own opinion is that is doesn’t provide enough hard data to deserve such a bold headline.

Real Estate update

Here we go, The ups and downs, ins and outs of your neighbors successes and failures in the housing market. Just the facts Ma’am.

I would like to do this regularly every other week or so. I would love input from everyone about anything else they would like to see regarding this subject. The area will go from 14th Ave to MLK for the west to east boundries and Jackson to John for the south to north boundries. This is not any kind of statement for EXACTLY what the boundries of the CD are but you have to start and stop somewhere.We can certainly stretch the boundries if we have alot of readers from other areas.
This list include single family residential homes and most townhouses. I am not intending this to be a real estate sales post so I will not include new listings. You should contact your realtor for that info. These are home that closed in the last two weeks.
And away we go….

724 19th Ave Original list price=325K sale price=290k days on market=82

1628 21st Ave OLP=339k SP=316k DOM=16

305 16th Ave OLP=595k SP=575k DOM=58

1510 E Columbia St OLP=661k SP=625k DOM=84