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Real Estate Update

Yes folks it is that time again. I was expecting a few more than this as it is the end of the month but alas we have only six this week. I should have some stats and trends next week for the month of October as the MLS will release those later this week.
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920 Davis Pl S Original list price=349k Sale price=312k Days on market=46

1415 25th Ave unit-c :OLP=399k SP=365k DOM= 65

1136 Yakima Ave S : OLP=439k SP=410k DOM=82

1633 S Lane St : OLP=499k SP=425k DOM= 230

1518 36th Ave : OLP= 649k SP= 560k DOM= 55

1527 32nd Ave : OLP=721k SP=670k DOM=59

The MLS photos should be in this order.
Interior photos an be provided upon request if available.

0 thoughts on “Real Estate Update

  1. Y’all real estate agents need to quit with the HDR photos. You probably knocked $20K off that last house’s sale price with your lame-ass photos.

  2. HDR photos knock off the sales price? My thoughts were always that they would increase the overall market curiousity, thus increasing traffic, thereby increasing the potential of an offer.

    Why do you think that HDR photos shouldn’t be used?

  3. This one was lived in for over 40 years by a multi racial couple. He died and his functionally illiterate widow was “convinced” by a guy who started hanging around her church that the house was not worth much. She finally sold it to him for $150,000, earlier this year and spent $50,000 of the money to pay past due medical bills of her late husband. He even made her pay closing costs! He required that she not tell anyone but she confided in another long term neighbor several weeks after the house deal had closed. The neighbors then found out and were outraged by this predator. A complaint was taken by the State Attorney Generals office. The result is unknown but apparently the hose has been sold for over double the amount of the original cost.

  4. Sad story. Scam artists come in all shapes and sizes. With any luck he has a license which can be revoked and he will be fined. Possible civil suits to follow. This is why it is never a bad idea to talk to more than one Realtor about selling your home.
    As far as the pics go. If Jon is talking about the photos of the last house I will respectfully have to dissagree with him. I use the same photographer and I have been delighted with the results. I’ve had alot more traffic in my listings over all and quicker sales.