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Real Estate Update

Here are the four houses that closed last week. We really haven’t see the kinds of numbers we would normally see at the end or beginning of the month. I am also posting some statical reports from last October compared with this October that will highlight it even more. Remember these are not overall numbers just a certain month from one year to the next.
Do you like to get these year to year numbers?

317 27th Ave s Original list price=349,999. Sale Price=324,999. Days on Market=78
1112-B 23rd Ave S OLP=369,000. SP=326,500. DOM=110
1709 E Fir OLP=429,950. SP=409,950. DOM=25
1415-1/2 E John St OLP=529,000 SP=465,000 DOM=176

Here are the October numbers for our area. This ecompasses everthing from the I-90 Lid to the ship canal and Lake Washington to the border of Downtown.

Total active listings Oct. of 08=298 Oct of 07=349 percetage= negative 14.61%
Closed sales Oct. of 08=37 Oct. of 07=67 percentage= negative 44.78%
Median Price Oct. of 08=$254,950. Oct. of 07=$315000. percentage= negative 19.06%

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  1. Thanks again for taking the time to do this. I do appreciate the year-to-year stats – they help to convince me that I’m not imagining the changes in the local market.

  2. It is fun to see these sales, any chance you could include links to your favorite listing site so we could get more details on the sales? It’s hard to tell which pictures map to which sales sometimes.

  3. The pictures should be in the same order that they are listed. I hesitate to list any link as I’m trying to keep this posting free of advertisement or shameless self promotion.
    If you have specific questions about a specific property just click on my name CDrealestateguy and I am easily contacted for more information. If you do decide to contact me, fear not. I will dispense the info you are looking for and never bother you again unless of course you ask me nicely.
    I hope that wasn’t too shamless.

  4. Not at all too shameless. We like the info. I hope for you that people ask nicely.