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Real Estate Update

No time to post last week so we have double our normal allowance of closings this week.
Some rather large price adjustments happened with a number of these.
As usual the pictures should be in the same order as the subsequent list.

2514 E Pine st-original list price=$249,900. Sale price=$222,000. Days on Market=20
512 28th Ave – OLP=$394,950. SP=$345,000. DOM= 82
3206 S Washington St OLP=$517,500. SP=$350,000. DOM=165
1415 25th Ave#A-OLP=$424,950. SP=$355,000. DOM=177
410 14th Ave OLP=$438,500. SP=$438,500. DOM=20
406 21st Ave OLP=$475,000. SP=$450,000. DOM=124
520 26th Ave S#B OLP=$499,950. SP=$455,000. DOM=231
522 26th Ave S OLP=$575,000. SP=$497,000. DOM=424
1423 36th Ave OLP=$599,000 SP=505,000. DOM=147
918 26th Ave OLP=$529,000. SP=$515,000 DOM=23

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