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RE:Confirmed: Two Neighborhood Schools May Close

In order to maintain this story as a current item I decided to post a new story.

A variety of data is available on this site below. I have had little time to print it or really look at it all, but one interesting note is that the TT Minor reference area has experienced some of the highest recent growth in numbers of school age children. Please use this and request any other data from the district. Sherry Carr helped me find this but I’m sure that Mary Bass would also respond, along with others.

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  1. Thanks for keeping this story alive, Joanna. The NOVA community met tonight to look at some of their options.

    Regardless of the outcome for NOVA, the Mann building is an historic landmark and can not be torn down. That said, I expect it will take community-wide organizing to “save” the building- ideally for education. And while we’re at it, let’s support TT Minor too. I see more young families here now than in the past couple decades!

  2. I believe T.T. Minor is active in trying to save their school, but does anyone know where I can find opinions from the Thurgood Marshall community? I asked at their school office, but nobody knew of any organizing at this stage.
    Lowell is having a meeting tonight. The general feeling is very much against splitting the APP community in two, regardless of where they end up (it’s proposed that APP take over half of Thurgood Marshall and half of Hawthorne).
    How does Thurgood Marshall feel about the proposal? I can’t imagine they’re pleased.