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Real Estate Update

Thank you so much for the great response last time. It seems as though folks would like this to be a regular thing so here I am again.
This is what has sold in the last two weeks. I’m trying to add pictures this time so be patient as I try and find the best possible method.
3206 E Republican Original list price=399k selling price=350k days on market=158
327 32nd Ave-OLP=399k SP=355k DOM=19
2510 S King-OLP=449k SP=415k DOM=72
310 25th Ave S- OLP=475k SP=425k DOM=72
1710 37th Ave – OLP=972k SP=972 DOM=3
The pics are in the same order as this list.

Here is a link to an article in the PI last week.

It claims that a specific survey taken ranks Seattle as the number one real estate market in the country. My own opinion is that is doesn’t provide enough hard data to deserve such a bold headline.

0 thoughts on “Real Estate Update

  1. Somebody really oughta snap up the 2 bedroom in my building at $289K–It has amazing city, water and mountain views. We have an awesome, fully furnished rooftop deck and a 3rd floor grilling deck with an outdoor dining table that seats eight. And, All-Purpose Pizza is a great place for a pint, a pie and the World Series.

  2. Not sure if I personally would want to live above a restaurant establishment (Love their pizza, though!) – but that looks like a great apartment for someone.

    At $289k that’s a bit steep – but eventually someone will pick it up for a good deal. I can see the payments working out for a place of that age/size at around $200k.