Alley pooper

Anyone else had trouble with this?  Our neighbor and us have had a lovely present left in the alley (feces, and a giant pile of toilet paper next to it).  We both have security lights, but this person seems not to care.   We’re around 27th and Columbia…

Accident at 23rd and Yesler snarls morning traffic

I arrived at my bus stop to see the aftermath of this accident at 23rd and Yesler this morning around 7:45.  Both cars seemed to be involved in a head-on accident, since they were both smashed up in the front.  Both cars were up on the sidewalk on either side of 23rd, and there was some debris in the crosswalk on the south side of the intersection.  Traffic was backed up to Jackson and Martin Luther King as a result.  Must have been some crash!  It seems like there are a lot of bad accidents at this intersection; I wonder why?

First administrative townhouse design review (119 15th Ave) – graphics available

I posted information about this a couple of weeks ago here:

The graphics are finally available for review! It’s in Early Design Guidance, which is sort of the conceptual stage, although the graphics give an indication of what it might look like. If you post comments here, be sure to also send them to the DPD Planner who is doing the administrative design review. Here’s his contact info:

The original link to the project info is here (enter project number 3010470):

…and the public notice is here:

Fewer busses, higher bus fares in 2011

From the story in the PI blog: The best way to minimize cuts in our neighborhood is to comment early and often to the County as they work on the details of this plan. If you post a comment here, be sure to also send it to the County:

Here’s the full County proposal:

First townhouse administrative design review project – 119 15th Ave

The city has been working on an administrative design review process to improve the design of townhouses (all those 4-packs and 6-packs you see around), and the first ‘pilot’ of this project is planned right here in our own little neighborhood! It won’t go to the Design Review Board, but it will be reviewed by the DPD planner for design review. It’s in the early stages of review with the city and there will be public notice later (hopefully with some graphics). The developer has proposed 4 townhouses with rooftop decks at 119 15th Ave (between Yesler & Fir). There’s a brief description here:

Gardening opportunities – find one, or list your plot for others to garden

This looks like a great website a friend sent me. It’s a place where people can list their plot for others to come garden, or look for plots to garden (seems to be a substitute for pea patches, if someone’s looking for gardening opportunities and can’t get a p-patch site). We’re lumped into the “Madrona/Central” category, which only shows one listing so far. However, gardening season is on us, so passing on the website might increase the number of listings: