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First administrative townhouse design review (119 15th Ave) – graphics available

I posted information about this a couple of weeks ago here:

The graphics are finally available for review! It’s in Early Design Guidance, which is sort of the conceptual stage, although the graphics give an indication of what it might look like. If you post comments here, be sure to also send them to the DPD Planner who is doing the administrative design review. Here’s his contact info:

The original link to the project info is here (enter project number 3010470):

…and the public notice is here:

0 thoughts on “First administrative townhouse design review (119 15th Ave) – graphics available

  1. Here is the thing. In your earlier article you referred to a pilot of a new Administrative Design Review process for multifamily zones which do not now require full design review. And the Land Use Notice also represents that notion.

    Let’s get clarity please. It appears that this project falls under the criteria for full design review, or at a minimum is subject to the same requirements for public comment for ANY proposal that seeks these ‘departures’. The only difference is pictures published for which you need internet access to view, and which are not displayed on site.

    I have been following the Multifamily zoning update proposal for years now. It seeks to grant great flexibility in design regarding things like setbacks, how to achieve the green space factor, etc., in return for the promise of an as yet undefined Administrative Design Review process. One of the major features of such a thing was that there would be THREE alternative designs.

    I’m sorry, in return for no clear bounds on what can be built, I need guarantees in law of a process that ensures that all neighbors surrounding a project get the information and opportunity to comment and that their comments are taken into account. Posting on CD News does not suffice. Otherwise we are left with people who do not even know the site or neighborhood deciding that a particular plan is fine.

    DPD isn’t going to hear from me, other than I expected three designs and I expected them to display said designs on site for all the neighbors. Sally Clark and the members of the PLUNC are who are going to hear from me regarding not passing the MF Zoning Update without either setting clear constraints on buildings, or setting out a real design review process. Note that many jurisdictions require Public Hearings with due notice by mail to all residents within the vicinity of any new building. I doubt Seattle really wants to get into that, but…..

    Thanks to the citizens of Seattle, we will have a new Mayor come January!