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Alley pooper

Anyone else had trouble with this?  Our neighbor and us have had a lovely present left in the alley (feces, and a giant pile of toilet paper next to it).  We both have security lights, but this person seems not to care.   We’re around 27th and Columbia…

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  1. We had some of the same, minus the TP, behind the new office condos between 20th & 21st on Union. On some plants we were about to install in the planting strips along Union. Euwww. No wonder they all died in the winter, they were still stunned.

  2. Other than the periodic dog pooh on our parking strip plantings (we hope its dog!), we have been made aware of three insidents of human droppings having been deposited, on steet level, access stairways. Two were found on the front yard access stairs early in the morning ( they had TP included ), while one was a broad day light urination. The urination was reported by a neighbor, that says she saw a woman “sqat”, and then, once done, stand, arrange her clothing, and walk off. As to why this neighbor did not report this to SPD, I do not know, but there may be additional insidents that we are not aware of.
    Not only is this unhealthy, but a brazen and distubing act.

  3. No, no human feces that I know of, but we do have the occasional drunk/drug addict stumbling along and urinating on the retaining walls across the street or next door, and often in broad day light. I’m sorry this has happened to you. I hope it is a one time occurrence!

  4. oh no, i moved to the hood, and there are some drunk / stumbling people. on the injustice.

  5. well if its OK with you, put up a sign and let them know you’re good with it. Otherwise your point is moot.

  6. where would you have people poop? clearly people pooping in front of your condo can’t afford to live in one and get the luxury of the indoor bathroom that comes along with it.

  7. If it is human “poop” (i assume it is) that is disgusting however the city needs to do something in the way of public bathrooms! the homeless “go” wherever they can and businesses do not let non customers use their facilities…

  8. Why the moral outrage at those of us who don’t want their neighborhood to be a toilet for pointless people? Believe it or not, pride in your home and surroundings is one of hallmarks of a real community.

  9. I’m not really sensing moral outrage from the comments here.

    Believe it or not, another hallmark of a “real community” is not viewing others as “pointless people”. Even the one’s that crap by your house.

  10. When people vote down taxes and funding for social services, these are the types of symptoms you will see in neighborhoods with poor and under-served people. If we don’t take care of the poor in our society, we’ll only see more of this. Taxes or Poop. We decide.

  11. I vote yes on everything that comes down the pike: School levies, park levies, housing levies, every kind of levy. As do most of my friends and neighbors. The parks levies usually include restrooms that, while not luxurious, are better than my yard, or my alley, or any of my neighbor’s yards or alleys. If there’s not a restroom in our numerous parks, there’s at least space where some park gardener will receive some well-deserved wage to clean up after messes.

    If people don’t have the self-awareness or self-respect to take care of their business like normal people, that’s their problem. If they are legitimately messed up, I’m sure there’s a levy that takes care of them, and gets them out of our neighborhood. if not, draw one up, and I’ll vote for it.