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Fewer busses, higher bus fares in 2011

From the story in the PI blog: The best way to minimize cuts in our neighborhood is to comment early and often to the County as they work on the details of this plan. If you post a comment here, be sure to also send it to the County:

Here’s the full County proposal:

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  1. I just posted a comment to the County and thought I’d share:
    I’m commenting on the proposed 9-point plan for bus service cuts, etc in 2011. I live in the Central District and regularly ride the 2, 3, 4, and 27 routes during peak hours. These busses are always full, sometimes to the point that no more people can enter the bus.

    I realize that budgets are tight and something must be done. I also realize that the County is required to split service unevenly with a much smaller percentage of service going to the City of Seattle, and a larger percentage to the rest of the County (although that is a ridiculous split given ridership, I understand it exists as a policy and isn’t up for change at this time).

    Given those assumptions, I strongly advocate that the County look at distributing the service cuts not only geographically as required, but tailoring the cuts to maintain existing service during peak hours and where ridership is high. If service must be cut, make it where there is less demand (like non-peak hours and lower ridership routes).

    Also, I want the County to consider the impacts of these cuts on populations where people don’t have other transportation alternatives, and the ability to get to work on the bus makes the difference of financial survival or total poverty. For instance, if bus service were reduced to Laurelhurst or Madison Park, it may have less financial burden on the people there than if it were reduced in the Central District or South Park.

    It’s critically important for the health of the economy, people’s individual economic survivial, the environment, and social equity that we make the transit system as efficient and effective as possible. If there must be cuts to service, keep these issues in mind at all times.

    Thank you for listening.