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Coming soon: Interview with CD mayoral candidate–post your questions

Tomorrow I’m going to be interviewing Wyking Garrett, a Central District native looking to make Seattle a better place as Mayor. He had the crowd cheering at the forum at Mt. Zion, and had quite a following at last weekend’s Umojafest, but I’m looking to bring out the real local boy in him, and I want your help.

Post your specific, CD related question ideas in the comments, and I’ll add them to my list for the interview tomorrow morning.

0 thoughts on “Coming soon: Interview with CD mayoral candidate–post your questions

  1. Since school closings have been such a hot topic for the CD, I’d be interested to hear candidates’ thoughts on SPS and equity issues. Right now, of course, the Mayor has no direct authority over schools, but apparently the Obama administration is encouraging mayors to take over failing schools (a la the Chicago Public Schools model).

  2. How can one get a street light repaired in this city? I have notified City Light several times over the last 6 months about 2 street lights in Madrona that are out. I know there are many more that need attention. Nothing happens why is this so hard to manage? How would you as Mayor be more effective a simple tasks that are important to safety and general well being?

  3. Wyking also got a very favorable response at the forum at Aki Kurose last month, as well as a fine write-up in this week’s Capitol Hill Times.

    He’s already done a lot for youth through a number of projects involving music, positive redirection, educational programs, the UmojaFest Peace Center, etc. And he has ideas on green, sustainable, equitable development of local businesses. I think he’d be happy to fill in some specifics on these topics.

  4. Could also ask him about the proposed new city jail. The initiative against it failed to get enough signatures, and the proposal is back on the table.