Sirens and dogs chasing burglar – South CD, Hiawatha and Dearborn?

There were multiple police cars and a K9 unit scouring our neighborhood around 11:30pm last night. Word was they were searching for a burglary suspect on the run. Any news on what happened?

Also – out of curiosity – the police kept firing their sirens in short little blips even though they were parked at our intersection or circling the block. Does anyone know why they do that?

Helicopters 5-6am, Monday 2/20 morning?

Any word on why there are a couple of helicopters circling the neighborhood?

EDITOR’S UPDATE: Looks like the choppers were out to cover a fatal motorcycle crash at the I-5/I-90 interchange this morning. It appears a person riding a motorcycle ran into a barrier and fell from a ramp onto I-5 around 4 a.m.

Timothy Richard Wettack, 23, was pronounced dead at the hospital, KIRO reports.

Jackson Place Neighborhood Clean-Up SUCCESS!!!

Big shout out to the wonderful 20+ volunteers who came out in full force to clean up our neighborhood, and braved this crisp, cold January Saturday. Thanks to your dedication, we collected over 5 super huge bags of garbage!! They are sitting at Hiawatha & Charles and I will be contacting SPU to pick them up Monday morning. Despite multiple phone calls and emails, it still takes them a few days to get things picked up, and I will be persistent.

So, hats off to:

  • Raleigh
  • Scott
  • Ann*
  • Scott
  • Luke
  • Margo*
  • Judith*
  • Oksana
  • Vince*
  • Liz
  • Amanda
  • Zach
  • Heidi
  • Tyler
  • Gina
  • Matilda
  • Suresh
  • Sean
  • Nathan
  • Ryan*
  • Sola
  • and Christa for making coffee :)

And a few other folks whose names I missed this morning. (SORRY!) GREAT WORK, EVERYONE!!!

* Denotes Jackson Place Community Council Board Members

Jackson Place Neighborhood Clean-Up – SAT. JAN 7th!!

Start off the New Year with a clean slate… and clean neighborhood!!

Join the Jackson Place Community Council for their annual winter neighborhood clean-up. 
Saturday, January 7th from 10am – 1pm
Meet up outside of Cafe Weekend. Trash bags, grabbers and gloves will be available.

This is a great chance to meet your neighborhoods and do something positive for the community. See you there!! 

Schools should consider TFA teachers!! Call the School Board. Show Support.

I’m coming out: I am a former Teach for America alum and I support Teach for America in Seattle-Tacoma. Because the system that we have in place is NOT working to help all of our students achieve, especially students of color. Look at this from Garfield High:

In the 2009-2010 School year, only 17% of African-American students, 29% of Chicano/Latino students, and 28% of low-income students scored at least proficient in the Math state exam. For that same exam 67% of Asian and 91% of White students scored proficient. This is a HUGE gap, and this gap has persisted for decades. Are you okay with these stats? Don’t they make you angry? This is from the State Report Cards:

There is more than one way to be trained as a teacher to effect change, and just because someone completed an education degree does NOT mean they will be more effective.

I am from Seattle and grew up in the Seattle Public Schools. My senior year of college I realized that I wanted to teach rather than work for a political think tank in DC like I had planned. Thankfully, Teach for America realizes that there are eager, brilliant, hard working, mission-driven people who realize “too late” that they can make a difference in a child’s life. So I went to the south and taught high school math. At the end of my second year of teaching in the Mississippi Delta, twice as many of my high school students passed the end-of-year state Algebra I exam as my colleague, who had been teaching for 15 years. Despite not having gone the “normal” teacher-prep route, I made a huge impact.

Then my single mom got cancer, so I moved back home to Seattle. I couldn’t teach because of state law – I would have to go back to graduate school to get licensed and couldn’t afford it. Not all of the TFA alums who don’t teach anymore stopped doing it because they were bad at it – I had family duty. For the last three years I have been working at a local youth-development non-profit, mentoring dozens of low-income high school students, helping them achieve at high school, and matriculate to college. Yes, I am not teaching, but I am part of the solution for helping our students achieve in life — it takes more than just the schools to help students create opportunities for themselves.

The Corp Members of TFA Seattle-Tacoma are 40% non-white, 33% were Pell Eligible in college, and more than half either went to K-12 or college in the northwest. (For comparison, Seattle Public School teachers are 84% white.) Many are bilingual. ALL are eager to give back to the community, driven to work with students, excited to be a part of a team at a school, and will be held accountable by TFA and with TFA’s support they will achieve. Principals should consider Teach for America Corp Members as candidates for their open positions at our neighborhood schools.

Don’t you want the best, most hard-working teachers teaching your kids? Or would you rather have a teacher just because they “did their time” and got credentialed the “right way”? Clearly, good teachers are good teachers – but some people become great teachers the non-traditional way, like TFA. Principals should consider Teach for America candidates in their interview process! Please contact your school district representative or local PTSA to show your support.

For more, read here:

JPCC Quarterly Meeting, Monday 6/20 — BBQ @ 6pm, Mtg @ 7pm

Come join the Jackson Place Community Council for our quarterly meeting at the Jackson Place Couhousing (800 Hiawatha Place South, in the back), Monday, June 20th @ 6pm


6 – 7 PM:

– BBQ for the neighborhood (food provided by the JPCC; please bring anything special you like to grill if you’d like)

7 – 8PM:

– Welcoming City Councilmember Nick Licata

– Announcements of upcoming neighborhood events including the Jackson Street Music History Project celebration on June 25th, summer programming at Judkins Park, and more

– Discussion of the vacant lot @ Charles & Hiawatha

– Jackson Place Council Board elections

– A few more items!!

We hope to see you there!

Jackson Place Community Council — seeking CANDIDATES for June 20th Mtg

Interested in getting more involved in the neighborhood? Want to help lead neighborhood clean-ups, bring summer programming/events to Judkins, want to meet your awesome neighbors?? And you live in the Jackson Place community (23rd x Jackson x Rainier x Judkins)? Run for Jackson Place Community Council Board!

Our next all-community, BBQ and Quarterly Meeting will take place Monday, June 20th from 7 – 8:30pm at Jackson Place Cohousing. We will also elect new JPCC Board members!

Email Margo Robb ([email protected]) by Monday, June 13th to sign-up for the ballot.

For more information about Jackson Place, please visit: AND visit our blog:

Jackson Place Community Council Spring Clean Up – Sat. May 21st!!

Come one, come all!


Meet up with your neighbors at Cafe Weekend (851 Hiawatha Place S) for coffee and treats before we go out in the neighborhood to clean. We are especially looking for folks who want to weed our beloved traffic circles. Then we will bbq!!

CLEAN: 10am – 1pm

BBQ: 1pm – 2:30pm

We will provide gloves, trash grabbers and bags. Can’t wait to see you!

Leave a message if you have any more questions.

JPCC Quarterly Meeting, Monday 4/11 @ 7PM

Come join the Jackson Place Community Council for our quarterly meeting at the Japanese Cultural Center (1414 S Weller St.), Monday, April 11th at 7PM


– Announcements of upcoming neighborhood events including JPCC’s painting of NW Tofu Inc on April 25th, Jackson Street Music History Project celebration on June 25th, and others

– Randy Wiger from the Seattle Parks Department facilitates a discussion on summer programming for Judkins Park

– Barbara Monsey from Jackson Place Co-Housing presents on installing and using solar power in Seattle

– Emily Bradburd presents on emergency preparedness

– Open Discussion!


We hope to see you there!

Share the Love — Jackson Place Neighborhood Appreciation Sat. Feb 12th!

Did you know… that Saturday, February 12th is Seattle’s 17th Annual Neighborhood Appreciation Day??? Cafe Weekend and Jackson Place Community Council do, and we’re throwing a party for all of you awesome neighbors!

Come down to the Artspace Hiawatha Lofts from 10 – 3pm, Saturday, February 12th to celebrate!

Share the LOVE by

… making a Valentine at a card making booth

… drawing a mural on the street or sidewalk (weather permitting)

… donate a canned food item for St. Mary’s Food Bank

… meet some of your neighbors!!